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Knust Src Constitution Pdf Download

KNUST SRC Constitution PDF Download

The Students' Representative Council (SRC) of Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) is the official body that represents the interests and welfare of the students of the university. The SRC is governed by a constitution that defines its structure, functions, powers, and procedures. The constitution also outlines the rights and responsibilities of the students, the executive officers, the parliamentary council, and the judicial council of the SRC.

The SRC constitution was amended in 2011 to reflect the changes and challenges that the SRC faced over the years. The amended constitution was approved by the University Council and came into effect on 1st August 2011. The constitution consists of 18 chapters and 2 schedules that cover various aspects of the SRC's operations and activities. Some of the key features of the constitution are:


  • The constitution establishes the SRC as a sovereign body that derives its authority from the students and the University Council.

  • The constitution defines the composition and functions of the SRC, which consists of all registered students of the university, and acts as a link between the students and the university administration.

  • The constitution provides for the representation of the students in various bodies and committees of the university, such as the University Council, Academic Board, College Boards, Faculty Boards, Departmental Boards, etc.

  • The constitution sets up an Electoral Commission that is responsible for conducting free and fair elections for the SRC executive officers, parliamentary council members, local NUGS officers, and other representatives.

  • The constitution establishes an Executive Council that is composed of 13 executive officers who are elected by the students for a one-year term. The Executive Council is headed by the President, who is assisted by the Vice President. The other executive officers are: General Secretary, Financial Secretary, Local NUGS President, Women's Commissioner, Public Relations Officer, Legal Affairs Commissioner, Welfare Commissioner, Entertainment Commissioner, Sports and Games Commissioner, Properties and Facilities Commissioner, and ISA President.

  • The constitution creates a Parliamentary Council that is composed of 30 members who are elected by their respective constituencies for a one-year term. The Parliamentary Council is headed by the Speaker, who is assisted by the Deputy Speaker. The other members are: Clerk, 10 Hall Representatives, 10 Faculty Representatives, 4 Non-Residential Representatives, 2 International Students Representatives, 2 Postgraduate Students Representatives, and 1 Disabled Students Representative.

  • The constitution forms a Judicial Council that is composed of 5 members who are appointed by the University Council on the recommendation of the SRC. The Judicial Council is headed by the Chief Justice, who is assisted by 4 other Justices. The Judicial Council has jurisdiction over all matters relating to the interpretation and enforcement of the constitution, as well as disputes and grievances involving the SRC and its members.

  • The constitution also provides for various standing committees that assist the SRC in performing its duties and functions. These include: Finance Committee, Audit Committee, Welfare Committee, Legal Affairs Committee, Public Relations Committee, Women's Committee, Entertainment Committee, Sports and Games Committee, Properties and Facilities Committee, Transport Committee, ISA Committee, NUGS Secretariat Committee, Trade Technology and Innovation Development Committee.

The SRC constitution can be downloaded from [the official website] of the SRC or from [this link]. The constitution is in PDF format and can be viewed using any PDF reader software or application. The constitution is also available in hard copy at [the SRC office] on campus.

The SRC constitution is an important document that guides the activities and operations of the SRC and ensures accountability and transparency in its dealings with the students and the university administration. The constitution also protects and promotes the rights and interests of the students and fosters a spirit of unity and cooperation among them. The constitution is subject to periodic review and amendment to reflect changing needs and circumstances.

For more information about the SRC constitution or any other matter concerning the SRC, please contact [the SRC President]( or [the SRC General Secretary]( or visit [the SRC website].


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