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Abbyy Business Card Reader For Android ((INSTALL)) Cracked

Create a business card holder in your phone using just your camera and ABBYY Business Card Scanner.--------------------CORPORATE VOLUME LICENSINGIf you are interested in volume licensing (more than 100) for your company or any customization of the app, please contact us at to the premium version of our scanner app to process an unlimited amount of business cards. Our app uses OCR scanning technology.

abbyy business card reader for android cracked

Download File:

Tired of carrying many business cards of your partners and colleagues with you? Then this program will surely help you. With its help, you can easily save electronic copies of business cards on your phone, without using manual dialing. The program allows you to transfer contact information from business cards in 25 languages. Once saved, you can instantly find the contact you want using quick search. If necessary, the program allows you to manually edit contact information, or add additional information for each contact.

Pay attention! All functions are available in the free version of the program, but the user can scan no more than 10 business cards. These restrictions can be lifted only by purchasing a paid version of the software.

Business Card Reader MOD APK is a business application that helps you scan and store your business cards. It can scan and store up to 3,000 business cards at once. Scanning is easy and simple. Just place the card and press the scan button. You can then save the scanned image as a PDF file. It will take up less space compared to a physical card. All the data will be stored in your Google Drive account. The saved image can be opened with any PDF viewer. You can add more cards and continue to scan them. You can also upload the scanned image to your social media accounts.

Business Card Reader is a reliable application that is not only easy to use but also reliable. The app can scan up to 3,000 business cards at once. It takes less than a minute to scan. It is available in English and Spanish. For Android users, the app is available for free. If you want to use the app for free, please check the terms and conditions.

Scan your business card with Business Card Reader. With the application, you can add your contact information to your smartphone. And make your phone more useful. Save time and energy for you to look for the information you need. The application has a simple interface to let you scan quickly. With the scanning tool, you can save your time and effort to collect the information you need. It is compatible with all smartphones that have a camera. With a simple scan, you can get the information you need quickly and accurately.

ABBYY Business Card Scanner allows you to scan business cards and save them to your contact list. All the data will be stored in the digital library and you can access the scanned information anytime anywhere.

Business Card Reader helps you to find contact details easily and quickly. With its intuitive user interface, you can easily scan business cards, send the information to your phone, save the scanned data into your digital library and more.

Business Card Reader is an app that allows you to manage all your contacts in a digital library. Thanks to the scanner app, you can now scan your business cards or credit cards and import them into your phone. The contacts will then be stored in your phone in a digital library.

+ Added a re-recognition function. When you open BCR next time, it will suggest recognizing some business cards again. It will help to restore data that might have been lost after a synchronization.The most important in previous versions:+ Improved stability and security of business cards synchronization;+ Increased accuracy of recognition and business card auto cropping.The minimum supported version on Android OS is now 5.0.

Evernote makes it easy for you to remember more about the people you meet. The business card camera captures the clearest possible images of your business cards and saves everything into a contact note. Business card scanning is an Evernote Premium feature. Basic and Plus users can get 1 year of business card scanning for free when they connect Evernote and LinkedIn.

The free version is ad-supported and provides 15 card recognitions. Enable Premium Account to get unlimited functionality, unlimited business card recognition, export to Excel, automatic backup and no ads.

Eight is the ultimate business card organizer and professional social network platform. Used by almost two million people in its native Japan, Eight is a super convenient and completely free-to-use app, helping you to make the most out of your professional network.

Saving new connections has never been easier. ScanBizCards offers the absolute best in business card scanning, follow-up, and CRM export. CircleBack is the only address book manager that updates your contacts intelligently, discovers new contacts in your Google, Microsoft, and Exchange inboxes, cleans up duplicates, and allows you to scan business cards and save them as contacts. Packed with everything you need to stay organized while building and maintaining productive professional relationships, CircleBack makes it easier than ever to keep connections alive and get stuff done.

Save time and scan unlimited business cards, instead of manually typing them in. BCR integrates seamlessly with Salesforce, Evernote, Excel, VCard, and others, while recognizing business cards in 22 languages. Recognizes business cards in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Danish, Dutch, Greek, Norwegian, Portuguese, Swedish, Turkish, Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

CamCard is the easiest app to manage and exchange business cards, the perfect fit for sales people, entrepreneurs, business developers or marketing experts, and anyone who want to be one. Use CamCard to capture all your business cards, and all the contact information can be quickly & accurately read and saved to your smartphone. Features

Business Card mode can extract contact information and save it into your address book and OneNote. This feature works best with the following business cards: English, German, Spanish and Simplified Chinese. Support for more languages is coming soon.

A business card scanner software is basically a portable scanner that scans paper business cards and turns them into digital contacts. Some of the notable features of a great business card scanning software include:

We chose 9 business card scanner software that goes above and beyond the scanning process and provides additional features that can improve your business card contact management. Turn hundreds of cards into a digital contact database you can actually use with these tools:

Camcard is a full-featured business card reader for scanning, managing, syncing, and exchanging business cards with your peers. It is loved by hundreds of millions of users because of its notable features such as scanning paper cards in bulk, syncing address books across different devices, and smartly managing your phonebook. You can also link it with different productivity tools available on Integrately to make it more convenient.

BizConnect is a business card scanner app for iOS and Android users. It promises 100% accuracy in the scanning process. It also helps with customer relationship management by turning every contact into a possible lead with productivity tool integration.

Sansan is a business card scanner software that maximizes personal connection in an office environment. Similar to social networks, it has a fully centralized contact network for the people in your company database.

L-Card Pro is a business card scanner software that allows you to personalize business cards and turn them into beautiful electronic cards. It has a state-of-the-art Card Design Suite and gives you full control over the themes, fonts, colors & formats.

Wantedly People is a business card scanner that allows scanning of up to 10 cards in one go, so you can spend less time organizing your contacts. It is powered by AI (artificial intelligence) which helps the app improve its data accuracy after every scan.

AABBYY is an award-winning business card scanner and contact manager for iOS and Android. It can convert paper business cards to digital contacts in just a single click thanks to its quick, accurate scanning and easy checking of recognized data.

ScanBizCards offers fast and accurate business card and conference badge scanning through Optical Character Recognition. You can also scan business cards & export them directly to Salesforce and other Customer Relationship Management tools.

Haystack does more than just business card scans. The Enterprise plan has notable features designed to improve sales efficiency and marketing, such as easy integrations with productivity tools and customer relationship management systems. It also tracks the employee life-cycle from new employees to promotions until departures.

There is a lot of available business card scanner software available to download. We recommend finding the best one that gives you the most helpful features for personal or business use. You can also try the free versions before deciding to purchase the premium plan.

Go paperless and manage your contacts better through your preferred business card scanner software. You can also manage your digital contacts more efficiently through Integrately. Link the scanner software to different productivity tools available in Integrately and take your business card game one step further!

In recent years,[when?] the major OCR technology providers began to tweak OCR systems to deal more efficiently with specific types of input. Beyond an application-specific lexicon, better performance may be had by taking into account business rules, standard expression,[clarification needed] or rich information contained in color images. This strategy is called "Application-Oriented OCR" or "Customized OCR", and has been applied to OCR of license plates, invoices, screenshots, ID cards, driver licenses, and automobile manufacturing.


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