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Buy Samsonite Bags UPD

Samsonite International S.A. (SEHK: 1910) is a luggage manufacturer and retailer, with products ranging from large suitcases to small toiletries bags and briefcases. The company was founded in Denver, Colorado, United States. Its registered office is in Luxembourg and it is listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.[4]

buy samsonite bags

The goal of Samsonite's Aspire Xlite collection is to combine being lightweight with durability. Because this line is designed with polyester and steel wire construction, the Aspire Xlite line achieves just that. The collection provides customers with additional technology to ensure satisfaction, such as organizational pockets, an option for expansion, interior cross-straps, padded carrying handles in multiple locations and 360-degree spinner wheels. The collection is available in three different sizes (20 inches, 25 inches, and 29 inches), a boarding bag, and two different garment bags. The Samsonite Aspire Xlite Boarding Bag is increasingly popular among Luggage Base customers because of its large U-shape opening, various carrying handles, and SmartSleeve that allows travelers to slide the bag over other handles. The Aspire Xlite collection is designed for travelers with its durable and lightweight material.

EBags was founded in 1998 after Nordmark, then a Samsonite marketing employee, tried to persuade his bosses to start selling bags online. But after the CEO told him no one is ever going to buy a bag through an email, Nordmark left and convinced Samsonite colleagues Peter Cobb, Frank Steed and Andy Youngs to join him at launching eBags. Eliot Cobb is a fifth co-founder. An early investor was Benchmark Capital, which put in $30 million as the company was starting up in the 1990s.

EBags thrived as an online seller that carried very little inventory like a typical brick-and-mortar retailer. It partnered with brands with minimal internet presence and, when orders came in, the brands shipped orders to customers directly from their own warehouse. In more recent years, however, eBags began making its own bags, which are some of the top sellers on the site.

Chances are you've seen this buzzy brand popular with millennials pop up on your Instagram at one point or another. Away has multiple options for roller luggage, including hard-sided, expandable, and aluminum. It even has some bags with soft front pockets for extra organization and you can choose from four different sizes to suit your needs. Bags are available in both neutral hues and bright, eye-catching colors. However, what really sets Away apart from other options is the fact that many of its roller bags come with a removable battery pack so you can easily charge your electronics on the go and still meet FAA regulations.

In addition to roller bags, the brand also a range of other bags and travel accessories, including backpacks, duffles, pet carriers, totes, packing cubes, totes, and more. I've personally owned Away luggage for years and can attest to its durability and practicality.

When it comes to value, Samsonite makes excellent luggage at some of the best prices, which is why we named it our top overall pick for the best carry-on. Samsonite offers numerous options for roller bags, including both hard-side and soft-side carry-ons and checked luggage, as well as wheeled underseat bags and even roller duffles.

Samsonite's luggage comes in various sleek and simple designs and in mostly neutral colors, though there are a few brighter options. It also sells several two- and three-piece sets if you want to pair small, medium, and large roller bags together. In addition to traditional roller luggage, Samsonite also offers classic backpacks, wheeled backpacks, duffles, briefcases, wallets, dop kits, and more. There are even some cool wheeled garment bags that can fit under your seat and will fit far more than your typical folding or hanging garment bag. I've owned a Samsonite bag for over three years now and it's held up incredibly well.

For solid luggage that won't break the bank, American Tourister is a great option. Many of its carry-ons start under $100, and while they may not last you a lifetime, they certainly won't break down anytime soon either. The hard-sided bags are made from a sturdy ABS material, and the spinner wheels aren't quite as high-end as premium options but still easily roll on most surfaces. While these suitcases don't come with tons of extras (be aware that some don't come with built-in TSA locks), the interiors are still thoughtfully designed for easy packing.

American Tourister has numerous roller bag options in varying sizes, including both hard-sided and soft-sided suitcases. There is also a line of Disney luggage that kids especially might love. While there are also some nice wheeled underseat bags, American Tourister hasn't branched out much from classic roller bags, so you'll want to look elsewhere if a duffle or weekender bag is more your aim.

In addition to rolling luggage, Travelpro has options for underseat bags (rolling and not), toiletry bags, backpacks, foldable duffels, garment bags (which often come included with a carry-on), luggage tags, laptop bags, and more.

While I find the soft-sided bags to be some of Briggs & Riley's best options, there are also some nice hard-sided carry-ons and checked bags for those who prefer to go that route. In addition to roller bags, Briggs & Riley also makes backpacks, duffles, weekends, laptop bags, and travel accessories of all types, including packing cubes, travel pillows, adapters, and more.

The brand also has a sale section where you can sometimes score premium collections that typically start at $650 or more for under $200. Along with roller bags, Bric's also has options for leather duffles, travel backpacks, wallets, and more.

Like Rimowa, Tumi luggage pieces are an investment. But they're a worthy one since these suitcases will likely last you years, if not decades. Combining a refined aesthetic with functionality and durability, Tumi has rightfully earned its place as a favorite among luxury travelers. With numerous options of all sizes for both hard-sided and soft-sided suitcases, Tumi has bags to suit just about all tastes.

Victorinox offers both hard-sided and soft-sided roller bags of numerous sizes including classic carry-ons, checked bags, medium-sized suitcases, and smaller wheeled underseat bags that can fit laptops and accessories. Beyond roller bags, Victorinox also offers briefcases, duffles, backpacks, totes, dop kits, garment bags, and more.

Delsey has numerous options for roller bags for domestic and international travel in both hard-sided and soft-sided variations (though more hard-sided), as well as several luggage sets. It even has an eco-friendly line of laptop bags and duffles using recycled materials.

Au Vrai Sellier is a leather shop whose bags are functional, stylish and of good quality. Known for its savoir-faire for 4 generations, it sells a large selection of luggage at attractive prices and from all brands and it has a great customer service in case of repairs.

Samsonite is a travel luggage brand founded in 1910 in Denver. The company has been at the forefront of introducing innovative, stylish, and conveniently-designed suitcases with novel features. Today, it is one of the leading travel luggage brands worldwide, offering various products like suitcases, backpacks, handbags, toiletry bags, and makeup bags. It caters to both adults and kids.

While not the best, Samsonite has a reputation for offering durable luggage, resistant to wear and tear during travel. Their bags undergo different tests to ensure they excel in sturdiness and quality. The ones made of polycarbonate or aluminum shell are particularly resistant to impact. They are a good choice for frequent travelers in need of hardwearing options.

Yes! As with every luggage brand, it has some drawbacks. But, it is one of the oldest players in the market for a good reason, yes? Another benefit of purchasing luggage from a popular brand like Samsonite is that you have access to a lot of consumer feedback. There are plenty of reviews online that you can read before purchasing any of its bags.

To ensure your comfort while you travel, at you can also buy Samsonite travel pillows, compression socks, eye shades, and ear plugs. If you are travelling with little ones, Samsonite even has a convertible bear travel pillow that doubles as a soft toy! Other travel accessories in the Samsonite brand include passport covers, toiletry bags, bag tags, luggage scales, travel wallets, and a range of travel adaptors for countries including Europe, USA, UK, Hong Kong, India, Japan, South America, and South Africa.

"This is a transformational acquisition for Samsonite. It will meaningfully expand our presence in the highly attractive premium segment of the global business bags, travel luggage and accessories market" Samsonite's Chief Executive Ramesh Tainwala said in a statement.

Travelers who plan to do some shopping along the way may find it more difficult to fit extra items into hard shell luggage. Although many hard cases, especially those made from polycarbonate, are expandable, soft luggage can still stretch more around the edges. Soft luggage is also easier to manipulate into small spaces, such as overhead bins or luggage racks on buses, whereas hard cases really compete with other bags.

Different colors and patterns are more common with hard cases, making them easier to spot among the dozens of black bags that come bouncing onto the baggage carousel. Soft cases do come in various colors, however, colored luggage tends to get dirty after a few trips, and general wear and tear is easy to see.

Laptop bags come in many designs. Some are made to hold just your laptop, and others have separate compartments for files, books or personal items you might be carrying. Brands such as Samsonite, WIB and Geoffrey Beene have leather laptop bags and laptop backpacks that are tailored to professionals who need to bring several items with them on business. A sleek business card compartment can also come in handy. 041b061a72


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