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Gustav Yegorov
Gustav Yegorov

Business, Organized Labour And Climate Policy: Forging A Role At The Negotiating Tablel

Climate change is a global problem that demands a global solution. The United Nations has been at the forefront in assessing the science and forging a political solution. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which brings together 2,000 leading climate change scientists, issues comprehensive scientific assessments every five or six years: in 2007, it concluded with certainty that climate change was occurring and that human activities were a primary cause. The 196 members of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change are negotiating agreements to reduce emissions that contribute to climate change and help countries adapt to its effects. The UN Environment Programme (UNEP) and other UN agencies have been at the forefront in raising awareness.

Business, Organized Labour And Climate Policy: Forging A Role At The Negotiating Tablel

Non-state actors perform a number of tasks in environmental governance. We have used results from a survey of participants in two recent international climate change conferences to examine how perceptions about the roles of non-state actors differ across the policy spectrum. We show that different categories of non-state actors are perceived to play distinct roles in climate governance. Their governance profiles reveal how actors have comparative advantages in different governance activities, and our analytical framework links these activities to different combinations of power sources and ultimately to their agency. The paper thereby contributes to our understanding of the complex web of authority in global climate governance that is characterized both by cooperation and competition over policy space (Abbott 2012). Hence, it provides a first step for building a clearer map of the possible division of labour between different actors as governance becomes more decentralized and fragmented (Haas 2004).


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