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Renat Shiryaev
Renat Shiryaev

Kamasutra Malayalam Translation

after the publication of the first translation by richard, the second one was published by a worker in the kamasutra society, which name is suresh. he was already in 1885 to publish the translation of the last chapter of the sutra, which was later translated by richard in 1892. in the end of the year of 1892 richard organized a cultural mission in malabar. it was important that this delegation was sent to learn about the sexual culture and conduct of the malayali people. they met with with the owners of the temples of rameshwaram, koodalmanikyam, kanyakumari, varkala, vaikom and manakkadu. and during this mission, richard noticed the books and manuscripts in malayalam, which were the basis of the so-called malayalam kamasutra. these books were a little different from the ones in english. it was a collection of erotic poems and as richard said - the most unknown book in malabar. as soon as he learned about that, he decided to translate these malayalam kamasutra and publish it in england. richard was also sure that these malayalam kamasutra could be a starting point for the kamasutra in english. so he learned malayalam and translated the first three chapters. but in 1900 richard had to be sent to india again, as a member of the mission which had been sent to establish a new indian university. he was still in india to the end of his life. therefore, richard burton did not complete the translation of the malayalam kamasutra. he had just three chapters translated and published the first in the book called "the kama sutra: ancient indian love manual" in 1903.

Kamasutra Malayalam Translation


during his stay in india, richard met many people and learned a lot about sexuality and sex life of the people of india. he also gathered a lot of information about the book of kamasutra. after reading a lot of books, he understood that kamasutra contains something which was not known and which he personally did not know. in his opinion, kamasutra is more than a manual on the art of love. kamasutra is an encyclopedia about the sexual and erotic life of the people of india, who created it. it contains thoughts, information and knowledge about the sexual and erotic life of the indian population. as richard said: "kamasutra is more than a book of love. it is a book of learning and wisdom." therefore, richard burton translated the book from malayalam into english. this translation was published in 1905. it was entitled "the kama sutra: ancient indian love manual". in 1913, richard burton translated the fourth chapter of the malayalam kamasutra.


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