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Gustav Yegorov

Counters And Time Delays In 8085 Microprocessor Pdf Download !!BETTER!!

There are many applications of microcontroller where we want to count external events such as generation of internal time delays between computer work and frequency of the pulse trains. This type of task is generally done by software techniques, but these software techniques will not give the exact result rather more important functions are not done.

counters and time delays in 8085 microprocessor pdf download

8051 Microcontroller has two 16-bit counters/timers: timer 0 and timer1. These timers work as a counter also. It means these timers perform dual function. When they work as a timer to generate a time delay or as counter to count events happening outside the microcontroller. Both timers are 16 bits wide.

TCON is a register used to control operations of counters and timers in 8051 microcontrollers. It is an 8-bit register. The upper four bits are used for timers and counters operations and lower four bits are used for interrupts.


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