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Sims 4 Vagina Mod

VAW provides 80+ VAW made textures (skins) for the vagina. You pick those by selecting IN or OUT, meaning inner lips or outer lips and then clicking Lighter or Darker. You can advance 1 level or 5 levels at a time. The max is 85. I suspect those with black skin (really dark) will have a hard time matching the skin. 80 is close to my light chocolate color.

Sims 4 Vagina Mod

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Nude In Cas Sims 4 Skin Details SectionLocated in the skin details section of Create-a-Sim, Sims 4 Nude Details provides a wide variety of the Sims 4 vaginas and the Sims 4 breasts that are of a high quality and they are compatible with any shade or colour of skin for female Sims aged from teenager to elderly.

If your browser is having trouble downloading RAR files right click the link and choose SAVE FILES AS. Fantastic FUCK mod The fantastic Fuck mod adds real sims 4 hardcore sex animations to your game as well as other features. With more animations being added all the time you'll definitely want to sign up to keep experiencing all new sex animations! Latest version will always be available here!

Sex interactions are based on animations which you can install. Every animation has a different location it can be used at. Look around, probably your bed offers few animations.If you want to start a sex interaction with other sims then make sure they are nearby when doing it. You can disable gender restrictions and use every animation for every sim and remember that you can swap positions of sims in the interaction. If you want to have a threesome or more, invite other sims to the interaction, but remember that you need animations that support more than two sims.Cum is being applied on sims after the sex interaction is finished and the type of cum is depended on the animation and it's specified by the creator of the animations. For example, if you stop the sex interaction with running blowjob, the cum will be applied on the sim face.Climax is another type of animations that are being unlocked while in sex interaction. Not every sims combination and location have climax animations. If climax is available the option will be visible. Climax is not directly connected with cum and it's not required for cum.Condoms can only be used in already running sex interaction by clicking on them in sim inventory.

To initiate sex select naked options you can do this by clicking your sims and changing the settings listed in FFM OR use the supplied get naked mod to speed things up. 1st click your sims and choose change outfit and select nude (easiest way.)

FFM has fully implemented exhibitionism skill that decides what your can do. Every level unlocks new possibilities as your sim gains more confidence. Sims have to start as a Naturist. After gaining few levels, Sims can convert their Naturism skill into Exhibitionism skill if they want to and unlock few more options, but lose on benefits that the Naturism skill was giving them. To start just change into more revealing outfit or admire yourself in a mirror. Because Sims 4 doesn't have anything that defines revealing of given outfit part the revealing outfits are swimwear and sleepwear (both don't include underwear). The more sims see you in revealing outfit, the more you gain to your skill and this rule applies to anything you do in the future. With every level you get a small notification explaining new things you can do, so from that point everything should be clear.

Includes Slaves Accessories (some accessories piercings may require EVE v6 skin. You can select this for your sims using the body seleftor.Accessories for: Males and females. Chokers: In necklaces. Cuffs: In forefinger (for ankle and wrist, only ankles and only wrists). Riding and Stick Crop , equip in the right hand. Fuck harness Chain leash balloon mask located in HATS in CAS ball gag located in HATS in CAS Bottle Added on CAS before use Glass Bottle B - R-Hand Dildo panties Can be found in bottoms. Puppy mask you will find it under Hats. available in several colors. Vaginal Speculum accessory FuckDollSuit1 Harness Set Bondage coat Torture executioner-mask Heavy Spiked Collar (2 Swatches - Black, Steel) Nice Leather Collar (4 Swatches - Black, Red, White, Pink) Heart Collar w/ Inscription (2 Swatches w/ 13 Inscriptions) Tailed Mask - Hats Category16 Swatches - Black, Red, White, Pink with Black, Red, Copper, Blonde hair. head harness chain top bent yoke

Double Bed FrameOne Swatch - Steel4 Idle animations - Idle + 3 gag variants.Works on all double beds. Just select a teasing animation (Double Bed Frame Idle1) on a double bed and the frame gets spawned on it. Handy for transitioning into regular sex animations.keep enough space in front of the cages to have them work properly. The cages are on three levels, the ingame stacking does not update the rig position, if you want to put the cages in the middle of the room, put something on the deco slot on top of the cage to dissuade sims from walking through.

Discreet CageTwenty Swatches - Black&Gold, Black&Silver + On The Spot Rug Swatches Sculptures Category Works as a very uncomfortable bed. Three states (open, closed, hidden) to switch at will, even when in use. Keeps the sim in on save & load. Picker for sims (has met, is eligible) To Get Inside. Interaction to get inside voluntarily (but cant get out without outside help). Release interaction propagates directly on the sim inside

Milking Machine V2Four Swatches - Black, Red, White, PinkSculptures CategoryFully operational milking machine.Milking uses nightwear outfit.The machine itself can hold 50 glasses of milk. You can take them out either by one, by five or by ten.Three functions available:1. Milking eligible sims. Sims need to have the artificial lactation trait from this machine, or be pregnant and not in first trimester (have to be showing), or shortly after birth. Also be female.2. Providing sims with the artificial lactation trait. Four levels available. First is available to any female, the other three need to have the previous level + sexpertise at certain level. The yield range is (1/2/3) level 1 to (4,8,12) in bottles at level 10. Skill gets built up by using the machine once you are able to.3. Dispensing stored milk. Every full glass can be taken out of the machine as a regular drink and either consumed, or sold for a flat price of 100 sim bucks per serving.Every eligible sim can be milked once every day (18 hour cooldown). At lower levels its a nice side income if milk is sold. At higher levels of lactation with good cows, you can become rich in both calcium and sim dollars.Basic pregnancy provides 1-3 glasses of milk per day. With the bonuses from artificial lactation, you can about triple that per sim.Using the milking machine, you can purchase the course for 1000 simbucks. This adds a training interaction directly on your sim. When you use it, the sim departs the lot and goes to The Institute.The course itself is presented through adventure cards- I was originally thinking about making something with more screens, but you have no idea how tedious it is to make these things. The course takes slightly over an ingame day. During this time, you will be asked to send your sim out for certain classes/procedures. You have to complete all of them to finish the training. Your sim can either semi-fail, succeed or really succeed in these activities. Failure gives you a moderate debuff for a day(but still completes the training), success simply advances your progress and critical success starts you out with higher Milking skill when you finish. If you critically succeed at all 5 courses, you start at roughly milking level 5 out of 10. The degree of success is based on skills your sim possesses.After getting milked, the sim will be happy for 12 hours, during which they cannot be milked again. Afterwards, for the next 12 hours, they will be fine and ready to be milked. After that, the sim gets a permanent uncomfortable buff until they go through milking.You can sell l milk wholesale without taking it out of the machine, but keep in mind that you are only getting wholesale prices - 90 cents on the dollar. So full machine gets you 4,5k.three new drinks. Party, Love & Power shake. Apart from giving you the appropriate moodlets, they also increase the rate at which sexpertise is trained (love), energy decreases (power) and charisma/comedy get trained (party).Artificial lactation levels are:Weak Permanent Lactation (500 cost)Noticeable Permanent Lactation (1000 cost + sexpertise 2)Potent Permanent Lactation (1500 cost + sexpertise 3)Experimental Permanent Lactation (2500 cost + sexpertise 4)Caveats:So the yield varies depending on the assets on any given sim.For various reasons works only on household sims.The breast fit and position related to the machine might not be perfect.

Compact Budget Frame Four Swatches - Black, Red, White, Pink Includes a use animation + 3 gag idles.Celadon Urinal Swatches - Black, Red, White, Pink, Combinations Available for use by both men and women. "Willing" interaction for Humiliation Sluts and sims with Shameless trait. "Unwilling" interaction for everyone else, also with a ringgag for forced compliance.Picker for "Willing" interaction- meaning you can pick only those sims eligible for those. But you can manually enter with anyone you control. "Cheat" Picker interaction- you can send in anyone you want, accessible only as a cheat with testingcheats on (and shift clicking as with any cheat interaction). Relevant buffs for both sims inside and the users. Interaction actions get propagated into "Urinal" category on the sim inside. Autonomy for using the object, but not for getting inside.Caveats Turn off nudity reactions, as always (WW>Nudity settings>Cheats>Nudity Reactions). The female using animation might not be anatomically completely correct. Technical necessity.


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