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Karen Bespalov

[ KINECT] HowTo: Display The Contents Of The Camera In WPF

Hello Vangos! Thanks for your post I have a question I would like to implement the function to record color frames using kinect v2. Can you give me some good advice? And, There is one problem I have now I want to crop the color frame image displayed on the screen. I want to cut the angle of view. Could I get some advice on this? Thank you a lot

[ KINECT] HowTo: Display the contents of the camera in WPF

Figure 2-5 shows the options display. You can change the resolution of the color and depth cameras and also select the type of skeleton tracking that the program uses. You can also use the slider at the right side of the options to adjust the elevation angle of the sensor. This controls the motor in the base of the Kinect sensor and allows for adjustment of the angle of the sensor to get the best view of the scene.

The display is great through, bright and high resolution. Reflectivity is a problem, but that is true of most phones. Notable is that by default there is a notch at the top around the front camera, but that you can disable this in settings. I think the notch (on this or any phone) is an ugly feature and was quick to disable it. Unfortunately screenshots do not show the notch so you will have to make do with my snaps from another phone:


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