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Kerala Municipality Building Rules Malayalam Pdf Download

The handbook Kerala Municipality Building Rules, 2019 in Malayalam is prepared by Sri. C S Santhosh, Audit Officer of Kerala State Audit Department. This handbooks is very useful to know the KPBR rules in Malayalam. To download handbook click below link,

Kerala Municipality Building Rules Malayalam Pdf Download


  • Kerala Buildings (Lease and Rent control) Act, 19651. Short Title, Extent, Application and Commencement.

  • 2. Definitions.

  • 3. Constitution of Rent Control Courts and Appointment of Accommodation Controllers.

  • 4. Notice of Vacancy.

  • 5. Determination of Fair Rent.

  • 6. Increase in fair rent in what case admissible.

  • 7. Increase of Rent in Certain Cases.

  • 8. Landlord not to claim or receive anything in excess of fair rent or agreed rent.

  • 9. Right of tenant paying rent or advance to receipt.

  • 10. Right of tenant to deposit rent in certain cases.

  • 11. Eviction of tenants.

  • 11A. Special Provisions for the members of the Armed forces.

  • 12. Payment or Deposit of Rent during the Pendency of Proceedings for Eviction.

  • 13. Landlord not to interfere with amenities enjoyed by the tenant.

  • 14. Execution of orders.

  • 15. Decisions which have become final not to be reopened.

  • 16. Orders of Rent Control Court to be Pronounced in Open Court.

  • 17. Conversion of buildings and failure by landlord to make necessary repairs.

  • 18. Appeal.

  • 19. Costs.

  • 20. Revision.

  • 20A. Power to remand.

  • 21. Order under the act to be binding on subtenants.

  • 22. Proceedings by or against legal representative.

  • 23. Summons etc.

  • 24. Time within which proceedings have to be disposed of.

  • 25. Exemptions.

  • 26. Executive authorities of local bodies to furnish certified extracts from property tax or house tax assessment books.

  • 27. Landlord and tenant to furnish particulars.

  • 28. Inspectors.

  • 29. Penalties.

  • 30. Fixation of fair rent suo motu my court.

  • 31. Power to make rules.

  • 32. Protection of Action taken in Good Faith.

  • 33. Restoration of Possession in Certain Cases.

  • 34. Savings and Special Provision.

The Kerala Buildings (Lease and Rent control) Act, 1965


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