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Carter White

A SUPER Home Exercise Book For Seniors: A Home Exercise Routine That Really Packs A Punch (Senior Fi

The job of training managers and trainers on how to run team-building sessions is different to running a team-building session per se. It's important that delegates experience the effect of different types of team building, and also the effect of the many variables which might apply (team numbers, mix, location etc); different types of games and exercises and their purpose (games, quizzes, competitions, warm-ups, exercises, workshops, etc), and the theory surrounding team building and designing team building activities (personality and psychometrics; leadership; communications; planning and preparation; follow-up; stress, fun and physical activity; etc).

A SUPER Home Exercise Book for Seniors: A Home Exercise Routine That Really Packs A Punch (Senior Fi

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If it helps (especially for young people), start the exercise with a quick brainstorm session with a flipchart or wipeboard of all the sorts of items that people have in their kitchen top drawers at home, which should produce a long list of ideas. 350c69d7ab


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