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Murder Mystery 2 Kidachi Script Autofarm Chea...

There is rumored to be seven mysterious murders in Fudo High School, although only six have been solved. High school student Hajime Kindaichi is invited by the Mystery Research Team leader, Ruiko Sakuragi to help her solve the seventh riddle. There is a threatening note from the "After-School Magician" that if the old school building is demolished, the school principal will be murdered. That night, the Mystery Club, along with the security officer, Ryozo Tachibana see a figure in a mask and then a body hung above a candle pentagram in the locked forbidden biology room, but when they reach the room, it is empty. However, the next morning, Sakuragi is found hung in the biology room in the same way as the unsolved seventh mystery. It is later revealed that she solved the last of the Seven Mysteries after she saw a corpse of a student from 10 years ago hidden within the walls. Hajime swears to solve the mystery.

Murder Mystery 2 Kidachi Script | Autofarm Chea...

Inspector Isamu Kenmochi is assigned to investigate Sakuragi's death and Hajime explains what they saw. Yuichiro Matoba, the physics teacher suspects the culprit is a former teacher referred to as "M" who was rumored to conduct strange and horrifying rituals. Student writer Makoto Makabe proposes a plausible theory of how the murder was carried out, but Hajime believes there is a different scenario. Kenmochi tells Hajime how 10 years earlier, the Mystery Club member, Chihiro Aoyama, was investigating the seven mysteries but she suddenly disappeared. Meanwhile, student Takahiro Onoue has Sakuragi's data disc which contains a message about who the culprit may be, but as he decodes it, he is beaten to death with a wrapped up hammer by the "Magician" and his body is dragged to the printing room to coincide with one of the seven mysteries. When Hajime and his friend Miyuki Nanase read the Mystery Club's anthology, they find a copy of Sakuragi's notes inside, also stating that there were originally only six mysteries. Miyuki is attacked when she tries to remove a poster of Makabe on the wall in the old building of Fudo High School. Hajime then finds Miyuki badly injured beside the fountain in accordance with the third mystery.

Miyuki asks Hajime to help out with drama club camp at an island Opera Hotel where a small group of students plan to re-enact the Phantom of the Opera. Eight students have already left the club after Fuyuko Tsukishima, the girl who was selected for the lead role, killed herself in front of the other members. She jumped from the roof of a hospital after her face was disfigured by acid. During dinner on the first night of the camp, the new lead actress, Orie Hidaka is murdered by a falling chandelier. They suspect a mystery guest named Kagetsu who arrived earlier covered in bandages. When Hajime and the others visit his room, they find it damaged and empty with a message "Burned in the flames of Hell" scrawled on the wall in blood.

Hajime Kindaichi, as the grandson of famous detective Kosuke Kindaichi, picked up the tricks of his trade from Grandpa and, after proving himself to the skeptical police in his first case, finds himself tangled up in the murder mystery from hell on a regular basis.

After, Chiaki and Hajime proceed to Jabberwock park, encountering Nagito who has been freed by Monomi. They show hostility that they think he deserves, then they continue to the game, where the mystery of Twilight syndrome murder case is solved. Nagito helps Hajime collect together the real life characters portrayed in the game and they are then questioned at the airport. As always, Hajime wasn't truly thankful for Nagito's help, but it was helpful nonetheless. When Monokuma allows Chiaki and Hajime access to Mahiru's cottage, they find, to Hajime's shock, incredibly realistic photos depicting real life events from Twilight Syndrome Murder Case. 041b061a72


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