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[S3E7] Drop Beat Dad [CRACKED]

At the DEA office, Hank admits to assaulting Jesse, resulting in him being suspended without pay and having his gun confiscated. As Hank departs, he learns Jesse is not pressing charges after all. Later, Hank is in an SUV in a parking lot when he gets a phone call and an electronically disguised voice tells Hank that he has one minute to leave before two men show up to kill him. At first, he wonders if it is a prank call, but after one minute Leonel and Marco arrive and ambush Hank. He reverses his car into Leonel, pinning him against another car and maiming him from the waist down, then flees with Leonel's gun. Marco empties his gun at two passers-by and reloads, dropping the hollow point bullet in the process, before eventually knocking Hank down with two shots. Rather than shooting him dead, believing that would be too easy, Marco decides to hack Hank to death with his axe and goes to retrieve it from his car. Hank then loads the hollow point bullet into Leonel's gun and kills Marco with a gunshot to the head. Marco's axe lands right next to Hank, who falls unconscious from massive blood loss.

[S3E7] Drop Beat Dad

Marco strides back toward Hank, shooting a passerby along the way. As Marco reloads, Hank surprises him from behind and shoots him with Leonel's gun, unaware that he's wearing a bulletproof vest. Marco shoots Hank twice in the chest. After a badly injured Hank drops to the ground, Marco decides to use the axe to kill him. Hank grabs Leonel's gun and notices a "Black Death" bullet that Marco dropped on the ground. He fumbles reloading the gun as Marco returns. At the last possible moment, Hank fires the single round into Marco's head, killing him. The falling axe lodges itself in the pavement a few feet away from a bleeding Hank. The exhausted and severely wounded Hank then lowers his arm to the ground amidst the havoc caused by the confrontation.

Before John B leaves, he notices Sarah and Toper together and marches across the dock to get involved. Sarah manages to calm him down, until Topper makes a snide remark. John B clocks him with a stiff right hand to the face as a result. John B then proceeds to beat him senseless before Mike arrives and stops them.

Meanwhile, Tywin Lannister enters the throne room to answer a summons from King Joffrey. After exchanging some false courtesy Tywin asks why his grandson wished to see him. Joffrey wants an update on what the Small Council has been doing. Tywin informs Joffrey that the king can attend any Small Council meeting should he desire it. The boy king claims that he is too busy to attend said meetings and demands to know why the location of the council meetings has changed. Tywin says that he is holding the meeting in the Tower of the Hand to save time. When Joffrey complains that he would have to climb too many steps should he wish to sit in on a Small Council meeting, Tywin silently ascends the steps to stand next to the throne, silently glares down at Joffrey, and then sardonically says he could arrange to have Joffrey carried. A disconcerted Joffrey changes the subject to Daenerys Targaryen; Tywin is surprised that Joffrey even knows about the exiled princess. Tywin admits the reports are apparently true that the last Targaryen is not only alive, but has successfully hatched the first live dragons the world has seen in almost two centuries. Joffrey is puzzled at why Tywin doesn't think they should do anything about her, but Tywin reminds Joffrey that the last Targaryen dragons were stunted inbred creatures who weren't a threat to anyone, and Daenerys' dragons are probably just curiosities at best, not grand weapons of war. Moreover, Tywin says that even if Daenerys' dragons do turn out to be as strong as the dragons of centuries long ago, they are on the far side of the world and no threat to Joffrey's rule. Tywin also warns his grandson that he should heed his advisor's council on matters he does not comprehend. When Joffrey protests that he hasn't been counseled on anything, Tywin says he is being advised at this very moment and says that he will inform Joffrey should he deem it necessary. Before taking his leave Tywin smiles slightly with an even slighter bow leaving a browbeaten Joffrey squirming on the Iron Throne. Their exchange leaves no doubt as to who is really ruling the kingdom.

Michael, Sam and Fiona meet in a restaurant and Sam tells them that with Erik gone the police is looking into Quinn's business. Michael leaves to follow up on that Strickler business. When Michael tries to remove the network analyzer, Diego threatens him with a gun. He is angry because he had to spend the last four days dealing with reporting procedures because Michael dropped the name of Strickler. Though Diego refuses to tell Michael anything about Strickler, Michael has found out what he was looking for. Knowing that Strickler is as connected as he said he is, he hands Diego the network analyzer and leaves.

Wade was Ty's step-father, though never acted like one. He's Lily's second husband who was very abusive and had a drinking and gambling addiction. This caused lots of problems at home and eventually led to Ty being taken into care. He was also arrested for beating Wade up trying to protect his mother. Though he and Ty never got on, they eventually were able to put their differences aside when he saw how happy Wade made his mom.

Lily is Wade's wife, Lily's life was in a mess after Brad leaves and finds Wade. Hoping he'll help put them back together he actually makes it worse, bringing to the mess a gambling and drink addiction. He also hit Lily on numerous occasions, Ty recalling a time he had to drag him off her. He then tried to protect his Mum by beating up Wade thus ending up in Juvie and having him taken away from the family. Despite this Lily stays with Wade for a few more years scared to leave due to Wade's angry and jealous streak. She recalls to Lou] that it wasn't always bad, when he was winning he would treat her well, but when he wasn't he didn't. One day he went out to get parts for his car and she packed her bags and left, bringing her to Heartland. Wade finds her and tries to persuade her to come home with him, failing at first he doesn't give up.

Hank and his buddies discuss attending an upcoming focus group at Six Malls Over Texas run by the manufacturer of Hank's favorite lawn mower, the Mason 1500. Hank believes that the mower is one focus group away from being emasculated. Shortly thereafter, Hank turns his attention to Thanksgiving dinner. He is thankful that his mother, Tilly, could join the family for the celebration. But Hank's happiness is short-lived: Cotton and Didi drop by unexpectedly. Hank reminds his father that according to the holiday rotation schedule, it is Tilly's turn to spend Thanksgiving with the family. Cotton promises not to "make a fuss", but he manages to ruin the holiday nonetheless by insulting Tilly repeatedly. That night, Peggy makes final preparations to awaken at 4:00 AM so she can beat other shoppers to the holiday bargains. When the time arrives, Cotton, Didi and Tilly accompany the Hills to the mall. But the rubber sole on Peggy's shoe comes loose. As the shoe is being repaired, Peggy falls asleep. Meanwhile, Hank and his friends make their way to a conference room beneath the mall. There they are greeted by Jonathan Burrows, the group moderator. To Hank's disappointment, Cotton joins the group. As the focus group gets under way, Burrows pulls a tarp off of a lawn mower, revealing the Mason 2500, which resembles a futuristic concept car. Hank is aghast.

In "True Colors", it is revealed that Marcy was the one who discovered the Calamity Box and informed Sasha about it with knowledge about its power before it sent her, Anne, and Sasha to Amphibia, making her the one responsible for sending the three girls there. Marcy later turned against Andrias and assisted Anne in the battle for the Calamity Box, but in the process, Andrias impaled Marcy with his sword, though not before she dropped the charged-up music box, which sent Anne and the Plantars to Earth.

One day, she was studying for the SATs in the library when she receives a text from Sasha reminding her it was Anne's birthday. As she was about to leave, Marcy notices a mysterious book the librarian drops called Dr. P's Extraordinary Guide To Magic & Mystery and reads through the book, which contains notes about a magical music box that can transport people to other worlds. Marcy mocks the book's contents before receiving another message from her father to come home immediately, as they had something important to discuss. When Marcy arrives at home, she learns that her father got a new job out of state, and her family would have to move. Devastated about leaving her friends behind, Marcy runs out of the house in tears.

Marcy, Anne, and the Plantars are then ambushed when they reach the Barbari-Ant colony. Marcy notices a plant and starts studying it, combining it with additives in a beaker she took with her; this produces an explosive solution, allowing everyone to survive as Marcy drops it and blasts a hole in the wall. Marcy then drops an insta-vine potion, which starts growing vines in front of the wall, stopping any more ants from chasing them down. Marcy had unwittingly stuck Polly on the other side after discovering she had never made it through the hole, forcing everyone to tear the vines apart to let her pass. Fortunately, Marcy throws another insta-vine potion at the wall just as the ants return. They ultimately make it to the queen in the egg chamber, where they begin planting stinkshooms, with Marcy warning them that their pheromones will begin to release 5 minutes after they are planted, so they must work quickly. When everybody gets to work, Anne moves Marcy out of the way of a nearby falling rock, and the two of them duck behind the rock to avoid being noticed by the queen.

Marcy, Anne, and the Plantars quickly discovered that the temple's routes were all about strength when they arrived at the third temple. Sasha, who had hunted them down with Grime, saves them. Marcy was overjoyed to see Sasha and gave her a warm hug as they exchanged compliments on their new attire. Unlike Anne and the Plantars, she was delighted to have Sasha assist them as she explained their goal to replenish the gems. Marcy was made powerless due to the tremendous gravitational pull, but she witnessed Sasha beat the stone guardian. When Sasha recharged the gem and Anne proposed opening it, Marcy intervened, advising them to wait and bring it to King Andrias so they could learn how to properly use it. Unbeknownst to Marcy and everyone else, Anne and the Plantars were correct to be skeptical, for Sasha's change of heart turned out to be a ruse, as she and Grime planned to invade Newtopia and were using them as a means of entry.[9] 041b061a72


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