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Game Stock Car 2013 S

You can Purchase now, receive your Serial Number and get ready to Race.Game Stock Car title contains all cars & drivers of the 2013 Brazilian Stock Car Championship 2013. Additionally it will include historical Formula One, Karts and Stock Cars. Night-racing is implemented on all tracks.

Game Stock Car 2013 S

The new version of the acclaimed Game Stock Car will be released by the end of September. GSC2013 will include all the cars and tracks content from GSC2012 developed with new improvements, along with a variety of new cars and tracks with their own unique appeal to the enthusiastic Simracer.

Game Stock Car 2013, is also going back to the origins. In GSC2013, a great Brazilian classic is back in action, and on its natural habitat.The Opala Stock Car, the first car used in the early years of the series, will be incarnated on the glorious 70s Interlagos track.

So I presume the game doesn't automatically set the degrees of rotation for each car. Can I change the degrees of rotation in game or do I have to change it in the Thrustmaster wheel settings outside of the sim?

You have to change it from the TM wheel settings, you can just alt-tab out of the game, change it and when you tab back into the game, if the FFB is gone, theres a button ingame for "FFB Reset" that fixes that.

I have downloaded a few mod tracks for Game Stock Car 2013. Some of them have pretty horrendous pop-up which in every case basically spoils an otherwise good mod. I have a top spec PC with two Nvidias running in tandem and 16GB of Ram and have no problems running iRacing to the highest settings.

I think he means texture or model pop in. It is when objects like trees etc don't draw until you are quite close to them, then they just pop in to existence. It happens a lot of console games like GTA5, Watchdogs also has it really bad.

Yes, I mean pop-ins, annoying trees and bridges that just appear by magic as I approach them. It also happens on one of the in-game circuits - I tried lowering the circuit detail quality but whilst it removed trees and even a grandstand in one case, the drawing in front of me still happens which is just irritating - I'd rather the objects were just left out. It doesn't add to the sense of realism!

In 2011, Peugeot re-entered the championship announced with the 408 sedan model, replacing the 307.[5][6] In 2012, Chevrolet introduced the Chevrolet Sonic as its competing model, replacing the Vectra.[7] 2012 was also the last season in which Goodyear supplied tires, with Pirelli returning as the sole tire supplier in the championship from 2013 onward.[8] The category announced changes in the championship for the 2012 season, dropping the Super Final system. The scoring system was also changed, with the top twenty drivers in each race being awarded points.

For the 2016 season, General Motors announced the Chevrolet Cruze as the replacement for the Sonic.[9] In 2017, Peugeot announced its retirement from the competition leaving Chevrolet as the lone automaker to compete in the series in which all drivers used identical Cruze models, making it a one-make style championship in South American stock car racing.[10] Then, in 2020, Toyota Gazoo Racing entered alongside Chevrolet, fielding a regulation version of their Toyota Corolla, which received a facelift in 2021.[11][12] The season also saw a return to a monocoque chassis, replacing the tubular chassis used since 2000. On 12 December 2022, Vicar and Pirelli announced that they would not be renewing their contract and that from 2023 onward, Stock Car, Stock Series, and the F4 Brazil Championship will be supplied exclusively by Hankook.[13][14]

2010 Max Wilson2011 Cacá Bueno2012 Cacá Bueno2013 Ricardo Maurício2014 Rubens Barrichello2015 Marcos Gomes2016 Felipe Fraga2017 Daniel Serra2018 Daniel Serra2019 Daniel Serra

Scoring Note: An 8.5, or great, means this game is not quite an all-time classic but is a must-own for fans of the sport and even potentially casual fans of the sport. Despite the dated graphics, everything else about Game Stock Car 2013 is a must own for racing fans.

Again, patience is the name of the game. Events have you watching everything from tire wear to fuel levels while trying to keep your racing lines clean. I found myself so wrapped up in trying not to screw up that I noticed I was holding my breath and sweating. That patience and concentration pays off in a big way for a win, but I think it also makes mistakes more frustrating.

New for this outing, F1 Classics lets you hop into the cockpit of some famous cars from racing past to hit some famous tracks. Fans of F1 racing will get more out of the mode than I did, though I will say that it was fun to go a few rounds in some of the monsters this mode provides. Finally, on the online side, F1 2013 offers two-player splitscreen and 16-player online multiplayer modes.

Somehow, even with some of the criticisms I had, I enjoyed F1 2013. For me, it was less about the technical side, like managing tire wear, or learning the kinectic energy return system, and more about just going really fast. That said, there were times that I was somehow able to hone in and sort of fall into the zone, which made it feel like I was going even faster. F1 2013 is rewarding in a way that an arcade racer could never be.

Reiza studios was started when a group of modders for the game rFactor decided to produce content for the game as a group. Their first release was an add on for rFactor in 2012, the Formula Armaroli car. The following year, the company released their first stand-alone game, Game Stock Car. The game focused mainly on the Brazilian Stock Car series, featuring Renault and Chevrolet stock cars which race on a combination of ovals and road courses. The game was updated with new cars and tracks throughout the year. Reiza released the follow up Game Stock Car 2012, which included further refinement to the engine, physics, and added more cars and tracks. It was offered for free for previous purchasers of Game Stock Car.

Their most recent release, Formula Truck 2013, is a simulation of the Brazilian truck series, and includes many licensed vehicles and tracks. Game Stock Car 2013 is expected to be released at the end of September, 2013. (website update in progress)What is Game Stock Car Extreme?Game Stock Extreme (or GSCE for short) is a series of free updates bringing a variety of new content, features and general improvements for Game Stock Car 2013 (not to be confused with the original Game Stock Car and its own free expansion, Game Stock Car 2012).The Game Stock Car series takes its name from brazilian Stock Car v8 series which is the leading component in the simulator - GSC has however gradually evolved into a diverse racing sim covering a variety of different racing disciplines. Our goal with GSCE is to push GSC2013 even further as one of the most complete, diverse and realistic sim racing titles on the PC platform,All this at no adittional charge for owners of GSC2013.How much does GSC2013 + GSCE cost and where do I get it?Currently GSC2013 ( GSCE) sells for US$ 24.90. All owners of GSC2013 will be able to update to GSCE, free of any adittional charge.Given the extent of the updates being developed for the sim, we have decided to bump the US$ 24.90 price tag to US$ 29.90 from April 4th onwards. If you still havent got your copy, hurry up! The game is available for purchase here.I already own Game Stock Car 2013 - do I need to purchase the new content in Game Stock Car Extreme?No - if you already own Game Stock Car 2013, you are all set for all the currently planned (and eventual unplanned!) upcoming Game Stock Car Extreme adittions.So what exactly is the good stuff coming up with GSCE?Beyond the just-released v1.15 which introduces the Formula V12, Montreal, Floripa along with several other improvements, a series of updates are planned for the next 2-3 months, to include several new enhancements along with the following content:CARSFormula ExtremeThe first car in a high-end racing simulator based on the F1 technical regulations of 2014 - including a V6 1.6 Turbo engine, 8-speed gearbox, energy recovery systems and DRS.Formula Vee BrasilThe brazlian version of one of the most popular and acessible junior formulas around the world, the little Vees are perfetly suited for close open wheel racing.Metalmoro MR18Weighing under 750 kg and with a turbo engine outputting 400 HP, GSCs first prototype has great pedigree in brazilian endurance racingOpala Stock Cars 1986By 1986, the original, fairly "stock" Opalas which made up the grid for the first brazilian Stock Cars seasons as simulated in GSC2013 had evolved into serious race cars, complete with aero kits, slick tires and a heavily tuned engine - all this combining to laptimes tumbling 30s around the old Interlagos relative to the earlier years of the series!Superkart250cc aero-equipped superkarts for actual race tracks is a new dimension to the karting component in GSC - racing doesnt get more manic than this!Stock Car V8 2014 The new 2014 Stock Car season could not be missing here - all cars and drivers from the new season with new technical and sporting rules such as new bigger Pirelli tires, semi-automatic gearboxes and double-stint races.TRACKSA selected variety of tracks with a more international flavor covering different eras is currently in development:Austrian Ring 1976Kyalami 1976Jacarepagua 1988Bologne 1988Austrian Ring 2014Buenos Aires 2014All that is listed above is 100% confirmed and currently in development,...but there could be more! Consider the following potential adittions:- Even more cars & tracks;- Live dynamic track conditions;- Live dynamic weather;- A new enhanced tire model simulating dirt, graining, blistering, flatspots along with a number of other advancements;- A new realistic transmission physics to accurately simulate each cars gear shift characteristics;- The opportunity to get involved and help shape these and other developments!The above and much more are all potential developments to GSCE - these however will be dependent on adittional funding which we hope the community can help us raise from our upcoming crowd funding campaign - information on this is to follow shortly. Stay tuned to find out how to contribute with us in turning Game Stock Car Extreme into an even more memorable simracing experience! Game Stock Car Extreme V1.15 Officially Released This is an update to GSC2013 v1.10.Full v1.15 links below - now a 5-part 5.64GB installer:Mirror 1 (thanks to NRT):PART 1PART 2PART 3PART 4PART 5Mirror 2 (thanks to SRE):PART 1PART 2PART 3PART 4PART 5Mirror 3:PART 1PART 2PART 3PART 4PART 5Once download of all 5 parts is complete, make sure all files are in the same folder and run the installer program to install the Game, then activate it using your Serial Number.If you already have GSC2013 v1.10 installed, you may update to version 1.15 by running GSC Sync from your root GSC2013 folder.Main Changelog from v1.10:Content- Added Floripa race track + 4 kart layouts;- Added Montreal 1988;- Added Formula V12 (field currently limited to 4 teams and drivers for v1.15 - more to come in v1.20).General features / Bug Fixes- Added fix for CTD when qualifying sessions are turned off;- Added options to switch qualifying off and manually set grid position;- Added fix for pre-race grid reordering functionality (for Dedicated only);- Corrected flag animations flapping widely when a time acceleration is in place;- Support for realtime steering wheel rotation adjustment from the Controller menu (min 180º max 900º);- Adjusted default rearview height / width;- Minimum vertical FOV setting adjusted from 35º to 10º;- Adjusted default shadow updates, sky update frames for smoother shadow transitions;- Executable now is set to include +fullproc by default (for better performance in modern CPUs);- Tire compounds may now have different textures (configured using cockpitinfo.ini file - see F-Reiza for example);- Driver name labels have been adjusted and relocated to a less instrusive look (still requires some tweaking).- Series RFMs have been made available for editing;- All series now have its own RFM, with the adittion of an ALL CARS / ALL TRACKS component (to be used wisely - dont expect AI karts to work well in race circuits or race cars on kart tracks!)Tracks- Fixed issue with invisible walls in Caruaru;- Improved alternative cloudy sky texture;- Fixed sky issues with Cordoba and Brasilia;- Improved AI paths for Cordoba and Jacarepagua 2005.Audio- Slightly improved F-Retro onboard sounds;- Speed of sound adjusted from 290 m/s to 340 m/s (for slightly more realistic doppler effect);Physics- All cars have received a brake temperature response curve adjustment to generally provide better and feel and be less susceptible to lock-ups;- F-Retro tires slightly adjusted;- Kart rear toe slightly adjusted. 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