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Renat Shiryaev
Renat Shiryaev

The Offspring - The Kids Arent Alright __HOT__

this song is about not the much of hope in these kids lives. they were told as children that everything was gonna be great, just like many of our parents tell us. this was not true these kids grew up in a bad hood and lived bad lives, with triggered rebilen, death, sucide, drugs and ect.... every thing was bad and ended up hurting the kids living in that life. then this comes back to the newer gen an we are worse and we grow up in a fallen apart socity

The Offspring - The Kids Arent Alright

The kids aren't alright; they all grew up to live in distraught, despite their hope that they'd end up in better conditions... A whole neighborhood, torn apart... Depressing, right? Well, it didn't actually happen -- I'm sad to say there's no secret special meaning. 041b061a72


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