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Karen Bespalov
Karen Bespalov

Sexy Short Height Girl

Short girls have small body frame, and the best way to flatter the petite frame is to wear fitted clothes. This is especially true with outerwear. Always get your jackets, blazers or coats from the petite department or petite designers. They should not only be shortened for your height, more importantly, they should also be proportionally adjusted to fit short girls.

sexy short height girl

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My own experiences is outerwear from regular size designers or stores 90% of the time do not fit. What bothers me the most is not really the length, but the shoulders and the sleeves. Most short girls have narrower shoulders. If the outwear shoulders do not fit, they will make the whole outfit look sloppy, no matter how expensive the garment actually is.

Monochromatic does not necessarily mean short girls should be wearing one single color from head to toe. It just means if the colors you wear are all from the same color scheme with less contrast, you will appear to be taller. For example, if you wear a baby blue top, then pairing it with a navy skirt would be a monochromatic outfit.

Remember we just talked about the importance of monochromatic outfit? Now you should also consider getting your accessories of the same color scheme as your coats and your shoes. Many short girls have shorter arms. If you choose gloves of the same color as your coat, they will make your arms to appear longer

Over the years, I have noticed based on my own experiences that I always look better in dresses, but I did not understand why. I thought that is because I am a girly girl, thus I prefer to wear feminine outfit and dresses are always feminine. Then when I was doing a lot of research on petite dressing tips, almost all stylists mention dresses are the single most flattering wardrobe staple for short girls. Why? Remember how we talked about creating a column of colors in your outfit will elongate petite body frame? No other items do that better than dresses.

Short girls look taller with heels, which goes without saying. However, do you know not all heels are created equally? Some are more flattering than others. If you do not know yet, pointed toe shoes are the most flattering style to short girls. For some reason, that 1 inch extension of pointed toes magically make your legs look longer like no other. Plus, they always look so polished yet not overly dressed. What if you do not like to wear heels? No problem, pointed toe flats are the pal sent from heaven to short girls. They have the same leg lengthening effect as high heels. Also, they make your outfit instantly look more dressy, even if you are wearing the most casual shirts and jeans.

Other favorable shoe style for short girls are pumps with low vamps (i.e. those showing a little bit of toe cleavage), which extend the length of your legs. Pumps without ankle stripes do not cut your legs off at the ankles, thus they elongate your legs more than those with ankle stripes.

Short girls need a good tailor. I cannot stress enough the importance of a good tailor for us short girls. I am sure you have all been to a tailor to make the jeans shorter at some point. Remember the feeling of getting back from the tailor a pair of jeans that was dragging on the floor but now is shortened for your exact height? Even if that was just an old pair sitting in your close because it was too long, it is now given a completely new life!

The two of you can share a laugh about the short girl problems she deals with like not being able to grab her favorite foods of the grocery store shelves, never being able to see the bands at concerts, having no protection from the sun visor in her car, needing help getting her airplane luggage into the overhead bins, never being able to rock a floor-length dress, and struggling to keep her head above water in the 5ft area of the pool.

While there are many downsides to being short, there's also a lot of perks. To complement a girl who is short, mention how much you love when she stands on her toes to kiss you, how long her hair looks all the time, and how short girls are the cutest.


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