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Qq Account

In addition to the standard QQ (and QQ International) account, you can also upgrade to a VIP account. Doing so will unlock a wide range of features and benefits, including no ads and access to exclusive VIP rewards for high usage.

Qq Account

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One story introduced you that how to register a QQ International account for quick login into Chinese apps and hot mobile games like PUBG, Avena of Valor, etc. With over 600 million monthly active users, QQ not only enables you to remotely communicate online with Chinese friends and business contacts but also provides quick login support into many other Tencent-based and Chinese apps. Keep reading the following to get more about it.

The latest registration process is quite different from that in previous years, more strict than before due to avoid such as the abuse of QQ accounts. QQ is also requiring real-name registration (which is also required by Sina Weibo app and more Chinese apps) via your valid mobile phone number.

According to the App said, your mobile phone number collected for your registration to use its service in accordance with the terms of their Privacy Policy. The information then will be used mainly for account verification and password retrieved. If you lost your password or your login name, how will they confirm that you are the real user, not another fake person? In that aspect, the basic information you provided could be helpful to identify you.

One more thing, you will also get a free QQ mail account automatically after your QQ ID was born, like You can also use your QQ account to login your QQ mail system by visiting The QQ mail service is stable to connect with others in China and also gives you a chance to upload big-size attachments to others via email.

Get exclusive access to advanced bilingual stories, more Chinese self-study resources and skills. Go to Overview or F.A.Q to have a look before upgrading to Premium membership. Or you can also create a FREE resident account by Sign Up Log In.

(8) application method: your registration method for your QQ account (e.g. registration through website, registration through mobile device, registration through gift presentation on a social function[Please clarify what this means.]); and

3.5 In response to your QQ account re-access request, we will typically provide you with an acknowledgment number associated with your request. Please retain this number as we may request you provide it in connection with future enquiries.

3.6 Normally, result of the account re-access request will be available in 4 hours after the QQ Account Re-access System receives the request, but it may take much longer to process your request depending on the volume of requests received and the nature of your particular request.

3.7 We will communicate with you regarding your account re-access request using the email address provided with your request. Please note that given the nature of email, our communications to you could be delayed or undeliverable due to issues beyond our control, including problems with the configuration or operation of third-party computer networks that make up the Internet as well as problems with your email service. In some cases our emails could be deleted or redirected from your inbox due to anti-junk email policies and systems. You may contact our customer service personnel to enquire about the status of handling of your account re-access request by quoting the request acknowledgment number.

3.8 Tencent may not always grant you re-access to your QQ account in response to your account re-access request. In some cases we may be unable to provide you with re-access to the requested QQ account, even where you have provided additional information upon our request.

3.9 After your account re-access request has been granted, you should remember your password and the Password-Protected Information, and shall carry out virus removal exercise on the computer or device on which you log onto the QQ account.

4.2 You agree, when using the QQ Account Re-access System, to only attempt to access (or re-access) QQ accounts that (a) you have registered or which have been transferred to you, and (b) that you have the right to use. Otherwise, you guarantee that you will not access, attempt to access, or instruct, or induce any third party, directly or indirectly, to access or attempt to access any other QQ account. In order to protect yourself in the event someone fraudulently or otherwise attempts to access your QQ account without your permission, you are responsible for taking all necessary preventative steps including, for example, ensuring the computer(s) or portable device(s) you use to access your QQ account have up-to-date software, including anti-virus and security software, using strong passwords, and keeping your password(s) secret.

4.3 If a QQ account is subject to administrative or judicial enquiry, criminal investigation, legal proceedings, or any material dispute, we may temporarily freeze the QQ account or take other actions it deems to be reasonably necessary in response to such requests. During the period when the QQ account is frozen or otherwise limited, you may not make a request for re-accessing the QQ account and we may reject or delay our response to your request in our sole discretion.

If the authorization is successful, you'll receive another pop-up window with an authorization code. Copy that authorization code and save it for the next step, adding your email account to Outlook. This will be your password you use for your email account in Outlook.

Tencent QQ (Chinese: 腾讯QQ), also known as QQ, is an instant messaging software service and web portal developed by the Chinese technology company Tencent. QQ offers services that provide online social games, music, shopping, microblogging, movies, and group and voice chat software. As of March 2022, there were 563.8 million monthly active QQ accounts.[6]

Together with WeChat, QQ is the most widely used instant messaging app in China. The app is intended to be used in China, but you can also create an account from outside the country if you want to talk to people who use it.

China got weird regulations so it is hard to use QQ for people outside of china. This is the reason we open helpcenter. We can make qq account for you If you willing to pay for our service you can pay...

Yet, QQ has made tremendous buzz over the last few weeks with the launch of its QQ official account. Why did it make so much noise, and could QQ be the best platform out there to accelerate your digital growth?

QQ slowly started testing the QQ official accounts since June. During the testing phase, spots are very limited. The last batch of 1,000 accounts sign-ups in September was completely claimed-for within 2.3 seconds.

In terms of function, QQ public accounts look almost identical to WeChat public accounts. They are also divided between subscription and service accounts. The back-end and functions are nearly the same.

And today, QQ is a good tool: it is a less competitive platform with fast growth and young demographics. We have already been discussing in other articles how WeChat accounts used less competitive networks such as Zhihu to create initial following and then convert it to WeChat. QQ is a great way to do just that.

For overseas gamers (For security do not use chinese IP to play QQ games), it is increasingly difficult to obtain a verified tencent QQ account. One QQ account can play many Tencent games . When you get a QQ account, you want the account to be more secure. At this time, it is necessary to change the phone number bound to QQ to your own. At the same time, after changing the QQ phone number to your own, you can easily receive SMS verification codes.

QQi connects you to over 700 million Chinese QQ accounts and many of your favorite websites and useful tools. It's the best place to stay in touch with friends and make new ones.The latest international version download:

You can register a QQ account from the international QQ and use it, you can download CF CN and log in. But you they will block you in-game because your account does not have a Chinese citizen ID verified to it. You would have to find someone with those types of accounts. I cannot help you with that sorry.

The other day it was reported that unknown cybercriminals distributed phishing QR codes offering free game logins, which they then used to hijack some accounts of the QQ messaging and social media platform.

To get a China bank account you would need to visit a bank on the mainland with your passport, documentation of residence (which could be a receipt from the hotel you are staying in) and a Chinese phone number, which you can get by purchasing a SIM card at the airport or at a China Unicom, China Mobile, or China Telecom shop.

Setting up the account could take between 45 minutes to a few hours. And once you got the account, you'd need to make sure you got a print out of how your name was entered as you would need this when setting up your WeChat Wallet.

Unlike Twitter or Facebook, a WeChat 'moment' is only visible to accounts on your WeChat friend list. There are no fan groups, only friends. So you can share pictures or short videos on your Moments screen. Your friends can comment, or give you a "like".

The cute trademark penguin picture is as familiar to the Chinese as the Google logo is to foreigners. More than 200 million QQ accounts have been opened and, at times of peak usage, over 176 million people can be online. Nearly all of them are Chinese; that's a lot of possible new friends to choose from.

The login failure of the test account is caused by the prevention from the security team.Tencent's security team detects that hackers try to log into the game's QQ account through credential stuffing, thus threatening the game's QQ account greatly. So there are great security risks. In order to prevent hackers from continuously hacking the game QQ through credential stuffing and protect the security of the game QQ, the QQ side launches a mandatory webpage version of QR code scan-based login or authorizes login with PC QQ. 041b061a72


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