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Kadaltheerathu: O.V. Vijayan's Exploration of Love, Loss, and Reality

it is almost impossible for a writer to talk about or write about himself. in kadaltheerathu o.v.vijayan has taken a step forward to make his readers aware of his writings. he has narrated his personal life, his tragic life and to a large extent his fictional life in kadaltheerathu. he has written everything that came to him. he has self-deprecatingly apologised for all the faults that he has committed. this book is not only a critical account of o. v. vijayan's life and work but an attempt at introspection and introspections. through this book he is on his way to find himself.

kadaltheerathu ov vijayan pdf 21


his life was full of bizarre phases. he has gone through sexual depravity, adultery, gangrape, being jailed, death of his daughter, both his parents having died, and many other things. unlike the life of most of the writers, o.v. vijayan has really lived his life not through books but his own writing.

vijayan was already famous when he started writing novels. his first novel "khasakkinte itihasam" was published in 1969. since then, he has written about 500 books and collections. his first novel "khasakkinte itihasam", also known as "the fall of lord rama" was made into a film in tamil with the same title. there was a prolonged legal battle between vinod kumar and o.v. vijayan.

kadaltheerathu is based on an short story by o.v. vijayan. o.v vijayan is an author who is famous all over the world for his successful novels. in this story "o.v" tells his experiences of his journey from a small village to the jail and expresses his anger against the legal system of india. before the court gave the order of his execution, o. vijayan had the feeling that his destiny was the incident that he himself wanted to happen. he went to the prison and received his son's body. from that point onwards his attitude was different and he left the jail


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