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The The Stoneman Murders Download Tamil Dubbed Movie

The Stoneman Murders Download Tamil Dubbed Movie

The Stoneman Murders is a 2009 Indian neo-noir crime thriller film based on the real life Stoneman serial killings that made headlines in the early 1980s in Bombay. The helpless victims of the mystery killer, who was never caught, were footpath dwellers in Bombay. They were stoned to death in their sleep. The movie weaves fiction around reality in an attempt to provide answers to the questions around the case. The Stoneman Murders was director Manish Gupta's first full-length feature film.

The film stars Kay Kay Menon as Sanjay Shelar, a suspended sub-inspector who investigates the case unofficially with the help of his friend and constable Kamble, played by Virendra Saxena. Arbaaz Khan plays Inspector Kedar Phadke, the official investigator of the case who clashes with Sanjay. Rukhsar Rehman plays Manali, Sanjay's wife who supports him despite his troubles. Vikram Gokhale plays AIG Satam, Sanjay's superior who secretly aids him in his quest. The film also features Veerendra Saxena, Rajesh Khera and Ragesh Asthana in supporting roles.

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The film received positive reviews from critics who praised the performances, especially of Kay Kay Menon, and the gripping screenplay. The film was also appreciated for its realistic portrayal of the Bombay police and the socio-political scenario of the 1980s. The film was nominated for four awards at the 2010 Star Screen Awards, including Best Actor (Kay Kay Menon), Best Director (Manish Gupta), Best Screenplay (Manish Gupta) and Best Editing (Sanjib Datta). The film won the Best Editing award.

The film was released in Hindi with English subtitles in India on 13 February 2009. The film was later dubbed in Tamil and released on 27 March 2009 under the title Thirudan Thirudan (Thief Thief). The Tamil version was also well received by the audience and critics alike. The film was also dubbed in Telugu and released on 3 April 2009 under the title Dongala Dongala (Robbers Robbers).

If you are interested in watching this thrilling movie, you can download it from various online platforms. However, we advise you to watch it legally and avoid piracy. You can watch or download the Tamil dubbed version of The Stoneman Murders from [Hotstar], where it is available for streaming and downloading with a premium subscription. You can also watch or download the Hindi version of the film from [Netflix], where it is available for streaming and downloading with a subscription. Alternatively, you can buy or rent the DVD of the film from [Amazon] or other online stores.

We hope you enjoy this movie and learn more about one of the most intriguing unsolved cases in Indian history.


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