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Where To Buy American Leather Furniture

Since 1990, American Leather has been creating high quality, long lasting furniture that is based on idea and principle: that customer leather furniture could be made and shipped within three weeks or less. That would improve the furniture industry standard lead time by 3 times. Based in Dallas, Texas, American Leather has become the premiere brand of domestically made luxury leather and fabric furniture. When it comes to Leather Furniture Manufacturers in North America, American Leather is clearly the golden standard.

where to buy american leather furniture

American Leather is one of the most luxurious furniture brands in the world. Handmade in Dallas, Texas with only the finest materials, it is difficult to find finer leather furniture than American Leather. Visit our store to see this furniture in person and you will not be disappointed.

  • In addition to being made in the USA and having millions of possible color, configuration, and frame combinations, there are a dozen more features that set American Leather apart:Advanced computer modeling - this ensures the the most efficient manufacturing processes resulting in maximized usage of each leather hide and the lowest amount of wasted materials

  • Cushions crafted uniquely to each frame - a different blend of foam and down is used on each frame to ensure a custom fit and the highest amount of comfort and durability for each cushion

  • European upholstery method - this method is similar to custom tailoring clothing, leading to the tightest fits and cleanest lines

  • Universal webbed suspension seating - creates a seat with premium comfort and ensures a long cushion life

  • Cellular manufacturing - each piece of furniture is crafted in a "mini factory" with a small team. This method improves communication, awareness, and responsibility, ultimately leading to quality

  • Fully recyclable cushions - soy based foam cushioning means that when your cushions have reached the end of their life, they can be recycled

  • Wood and coverings cut to .004" - this accuracy and consistency leads to tight fits and long lasting furniture

  • Founding member of the Sustainable Furniture Council - a nonprofit organization committed to sustainable practices in the furniture industry

  • All leather uses water based pigments - this minimizes chemicals used and makes the additional leather recyclable

  • Central US factory location - means fast delivery and yields a smaller carbon footprint than imported furniture

  • Notched, interlocking frames - along with double secured joints ensures the strongest frames and generations of use

This can be the most fun part of buying American Leather. They offer over 350 different fabrics and leather that you can choose to drape your furniture in. American Leather uses only premium, top-grain leathers available in different protection types. Plus, the fabric selections are unmatched with Crypton, Sunbrella, and Ultrasuede available in every style. Spill wine on your new sofa? No worries with Crypton fabric, it will wipe right off. Have a chair you'll be placing near a window? No fear, it will not fade or suffer UV damage with Sunbrella fabric.

American Leather Furniture was born out of an idea that custom leather furniture could be manufactured and shipped in three weeks or less. Bob Duncan, Founder and CEO, applied "just-in-time" manufacturing he admired from the Japanese auto industry to the furniture industry. The factory still makes leather furniture using the latest technology, three times faster than the industry average, making American Leather the most automated leather furniture maker in the industry. American Leather Comfort Sleepers offer patented sleep systems and a premier foam mattress. Next Brand >

In 1990, American Leather Furntiure was founded on the revolutionary idea that custom leather furniture could be made and shipped in three weeks or less. In the years since, American Leather has evolved from setting a precedent with quick-ship delivery to setting the standards by which all other custom furniture manufacturers are measured. We remain firmly rooted in our heritage of speed, quality, and customization, and we especially value the entrepreneurial mindset that always asks: Why not? We believe its this approach to innovation that makes us stand apart whether applied in our factory, a sofa design, an engineering advancement, or a brainstorming meeting.

PerLora is proud to offer the renowned quality of American Leather furniture. American Leather is a standout in the custom leather industry, setting the bar for both customization and delivery in about one month - something competitors are unable to match. Their success in doing so has become the gold standard for other custom manufacturers, continuing to set a very high bar. The brand has continued to evolve through the years, having started from a four-person shop to what is now a thriving leader in the furniture industry.

American Leather is an exclusive producer of leather upholstered furniture. All of its furniture styles are designed to take full advantage of the natural beauty and unique characteristics of genuine leather. American Leather uses only the finest quality, top grain hides available. No inferior split grain leathers or vinyls are ever used. And all of its furniture is made to order in your choice of style, frame, leather grade and color.

This has been our favorite company to work with for years! Impeccable designs and unbeatable quality, American Leather makes sure all of the furniture coming out of their Dallas, Texas factory is made to last a lifetime! While they have the finest leather you will find, American Leather also has some of our favorite fabrics, as well as Ultrasuede. Whether you get one of their renowned Comfort Sleepers, a sofa, sectional, or anything else, you will not be disappointed! 041b061a72


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