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Satoshi Kamiya Ryujin 3 5 Pdf

Satoshi Kamiya Ryujin 3 5 Pdf

If you are an origami enthusiast who loves to challenge yourself with complex and intricate models, you might have heard of Satoshi Kamiya's Ryujin series. These are some of the most impressive and realistic origami dragons ever designed, and they require a lot of skill, patience and paper to fold. In this article, we will introduce you to the Ryujin 3.5, the third and most advanced version of the series, and show you how to find the resources you need to fold it.

What is the Ryujin 3.5?

The Ryujin 3.5 is an origami dragon designed by Satoshi Kamiya, a Japanese origami master who is known for his highly detailed and complex models. The Ryujin 3.5 is the third version of his Ryujin series, which started with the Ryujin 1.2 in 2003 and continued with the Ryujin 2.1 in 2006. The Ryujin 3.5 was first shown to the public in 2010, and it is considered one of the most challenging origami models ever created.

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The Ryujin 3.5 has many features that make it stand out from other origami dragons, such as:

  • A realistic and expressive head with horns, whiskers, teeth and eyes.

  • A long and flexible body with scales, spikes and belly pleats.

  • Four legs with claws and toes.

  • A long and curved tail with a fin.

The model is folded from a single square sheet of paper, without any cuts or glue. The paper size recommended by the designer is at least 2 meters by 2 meters, which means that the finished model can be over 1 meter long. The model also requires a lot of shaping and sculpting to give it a lifelike appearance.

How to fold the Ryujin 3.5?

Unfortunately, there are no official diagrams or instructions for the Ryujin 3.5, as Satoshi Kamiya has not published them yet. However, there are some resources that can help you fold this model, such as:

  • The crease pattern: This is a representation of all the folds on the paper, using different symbols for mountain and valley folds. The crease pattern for the Ryujin 3.5 can be found in the book World of Super Complex Origami , which also contains other amazing models by Satoshi Kamiya and other origami masters. You can buy this book from Origami Shop . However, be aware that the crease pattern is very complex and difficult to follow, and it does not show how to shape or sculpt the model.

  • The video tutorial: This is a series of videos made by Fearless Flourish, an origami artist who learned how to fold the Ryujin 3.5 from MrOrigami, a student of Satoshi Kamiya. The video tutorial covers every step of folding the model, from precreasing to shaping, and it also shows some tips and tricks to make the process easier. The video tutorial is over 12 hours long, and it can be found on YouTube . However, be aware that the video tutorial is not authorized by Satoshi Kamiya, and it may contain some errors or variations from the original design.

  • The lessons: These are a set of PDF files that contain detailed instructions for folding some parts of the model, such as the scales, the legs, the head and the tail. The lessons were made by MrOrigami, who taught Fearless Flourish how to fold the Ryujin 3.5. The lessons can be accessed by joining the Ryujin Central Discord group , where you can also chat with other origami enthusiasts who are interested in folding this model. However, be aware that the lessons are not complete or updated, and they do not cover all aspects of folding or shaping the model.


The Ryujin 3.5 is a masterpiece of origami art that represents a huge challenge for any origami lover who wants to test their skills and creativity. However, folding this model is not impossible, as there are some resources that can help you along the way. Whether you use the crease pattern, the video tutorial, the lessons, or a combination of them, you will need a lot of dedication, perseverance and passion to complete this model. But once you do, you will have a stunning origami dragon that will amaze anyone who sees it.


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