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Gustav Yegorov
Gustav Yegorov

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the only real problem ive ever encountered is that an online "friend" disappeared off the face of the earth. i mean, for as many people who can browse facebook, there are just as many people who can get into your account. but theres a difference in understanding how to reach someone you know from the internet and someone you meet in real life. we know its easier to track and find people through the internet. and it also takes longer for someone to disappear than if they ran into you on the street or in a bar. theres just a different feeling. when you talk to someone for three hours at their favorite restaurant, you get a sense that there is someone there and they can hear you. you can see and make eye contact. with online communication you have neither of those. the whole experience is different. sometimes itll be real and sometimes its not. sometimes its just a product of the technology, of course. at least its easier to filter out those "meaningless" numbers and addresses.

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