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Seraphim Yefimov
Seraphim Yefimov

Sporttracks 3 Activation Code

I've been trying to get some of the pugins working, such as 'Street View V3' plugin, but it needs to be activated with a code/invoice ID; which is no longer available. Does anyone have a code they no longer use, happy to pay for it.

Sporttracks 3 Activation Code

Download Zip:

I copied version 3.1.6934 from older laptop to new PC. That now had no big red line saying end of life but also had none of my plugins when copied across to PC. I have activation codes and payment item number, but when I tried using the payment item number I just got the message that the license has expired. Even when I set the system date to last year. I suspect that when activating, the Zone 5 site is accessed and the response from there will now always be that the license has expired. Problem is that no plugins mean I can't add my garmin 235 as a device to import my data. Any ideas anyone?

I would be interested in your patch. I copied across a 3.16 version from one laptop to PC. Copying across loses the activation code and payment item number and trying to enter the payment item number says license has expired.

Thanks TortSpracks - SportTracks v3.1.7200 stopped working last weekend, saying the licence had expired. Pretty rich for a package that was supposed to have a perpetual licence. Anyway, it's now working again courtesy of this new build 3.1.8000, and without the nag bar to upgrade as an added bonus. Are you the developer? If so, chapeau! I shall raise a glass. Any chance Zone5 could be persuaded to opensource the code base eventually?

I was able to grab the SportTracks map Provider for OpenStreetMaps v3.1.4403 using the "Wayback Machine" on the website. Apparently, there is a newer version floating around somewhere (v3.1.6807), but I couldn't find it. However, the Mapnik and CycleMap providers seem to work just fine! Some other plugins are available through the Wayback Machine. Hopefully this URL doesn't get stripped: :// Also, mechgt has graciously made his plugins open source and readily available through github. My favorite plugin (Training Load) is there, along with a few others: =repositories What's everyone using for weather? The built in plugin isn't working for that one...I haven't looked into that one yet....

looking for some help again. After installing 3.1.7002 on a replacement pc running win 11. I then reinstalled the plugins and with help installed the open street plugin. ALL was working well untill a few days ago I found that I could not use more than 2 plugins and my activation purchased code had expired, Have tried installing early versions including st 3.0 but have same issue. Has anyone found a way around this. much appreciated in advance cheers peter

Pete, do you still recommend sporttracks now that it is paid software? ($35) Have you checked out how Garmin Connect compares to Sporttracks? I just got a 305 and am wondering if Sporttracks is still a value given the price and possible feature enhancements to other options

You should not have to worry about initiating transfer or upload, manual sync, polling times, etc. It should just appear. You should literally be able to fire up on your phone immediately after you save the workout on the watch, and see it.


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