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[S3E7] Paradise Lost PATCHED

In the caves, young Noah and Elisabeth crawl around and find the Sic Mundus door that served as an entrance to the wormhole. Elisabeth looks at the pocket watch engraved "For Charlotte." Elisabeth then signs to Noah to tell her about paradise. He tells her that Paradise is free of pain and suffering and everything we've ever done is forgotten there. Any pain we've ever felt is erased and all the dead live. He says Adam will keep his promise and the passage will open. Elisabeth closes the pocket watch.

[S3E7] Paradise Lost

The Stranger answers that this is larger than they are and the apocalypse, that if the portal works they can use it to find the origin: "the one moment that started all this" and then destroy it and everything that resulted from it: "That is paradise." Bartosz tells him that after being stuck in the late 1800s for two years, he doesn't want his paradise, he just wants to get out of there.

Noah takes Jonas to the caves to show him the portal he and Elisabeth have uncovered, which is now sealed. Noah tells him the portal will open up again and then Adam will lead them to paradise. Noah tells Jonas that Adam told him they will become friends before he betrays him.

Noah, Claudia and Jonas (now all older), continue to work on the dark matter portal, but cannot get it to work. Noah says to Jonas that maybe Claudia does not want it to work, why does he trust her? Jonas asks Noah why does he trust Adam, who lied that there was a paradise or another world. He tells him he is not going to become Adam, the portal will work: he has seen it in the future, he can travel back and change everything. Noah asks why Claudia knows what she knows. She is hiding something from them and cannot be trusted. Elisabeth appears: she is now pregnant.

(Older) Noah enters a hotel and asks for a room. Erna calls out to Hanno to fix him a room. Noah looks at him- his younger self. He goes to see Adam, who tells him he did not take Charlotte but Claudia lied to all of them. He asks Noah if he has the book, which has the last pages missing. He tells him he must find them, which will lead him to Charlotte and his paradise. Helge will help him. He hands Noah a bible and tells him this will be his last cycle. 041b061a72


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