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Farrah Abraham (born May 31, 1991) is an American reality television personality, singer, pornographic actress, and writer. Born in Omaha, Nebraska, and raised in Council Bluffs, Iowa, she received public attention after being cast in the reality television series 16 and Pregnant in 2009, which documented the pregnancies and first months of motherhood for several young women. Later that year, she was cast in the spin-off series Teen Mom, and appeared in each of its four seasons until its conclusion in 2012. That August, she released her debut studio album and first memoir, both of which were titled My Teenage Dream Ended. The book made it onto The New York Times bestseller list.[4]

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In 2008, Abraham, then 17, was selected to appear on the MTV show, 16 and Pregnant, a reality series that aimed to document the lives of pregnant teenagers across the United States.[9][2] News of her pregnancy caused issues between her and her mother, Debra Danielsen, with Danielsen calling her daughter a whore and preventing her from obtaining an abortion; being pregnant, Abraham was forced to discontinue her cheerleading.[10][9] Furthermore, during filming, Derek Underwood, the father of her child, died in a car accident.[11] Abraham gave birth to the couple's daughter, Sophia Laurent Abraham, on February 23, 2009.[12][13] Abraham's episode of 16 and Pregnant aired in 2009.

Sexting refers to the taking, sending, or receiving of nude or sexual photos or videos by electronic means, whether through a text message, social media, or email. Especially common among teenagers, sexting can easily be used to bully or harass others.

Sexting between consenting adults is legal, as long as the images aren't of minors. But acts of sexting with a minor or sexting images of minors are illegal, and they fall under California's child pornography and sexual exploitation laws, which can result in felony penalties. Such laws were originally enacted to protect kids from sexual predators (not necessarily from other kids). While some states have addressed the issue of teen sexting by providing reduced penalties for sexting by or between minors, California is not one of these states.

California's child pornography laws prohibit possessing or sending images of minors that are obscene or that show a minor engaged in an act of "sexual conduct." The definition of sexual conduct includes sexual acts, as well as the showing of the genitals or pubic or rectal area for the purpose of the viewer's sexual stimulation.

Depending on the circumstances, sexting can also be a crime under federal law. The PROTECT Act makes it illegal to use a computer to send or receive child pornography or any obscene depiction or actual image of a minor engaged in sexually explicit conduct. (18 U.S.C. 1466A, 2252, 2252A (2022).)

If you are accused of violating one of California's child pornography laws for having engaged in sexting with a minor, you should speak with a criminal defense attorney. A conviction for committing a child pornography or exploitation crime carries the possibility of prison, a fine, and, in some cases, mandatory registration on California's sex offender registry. Your attorney will evaluate your case and discuss possible defenses to the charges.

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