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Coconut M Ms Where To Buy

These Limited Edition Coconut flavored M&M's are the latest flavor to launch in Australia. A chocolate covered homage to the Bounty Chocolate bar (similar to the Mounds bar here in the states), the signature M&M candy shell is filled with coconut flavored chocolate.

coconut m ms where to buy


Love M&M'S chocolate? Love the flavour of coconut? Then you'll love this perfect duo! Enjoy M&M'S coconut flavoured milk chocolate, inspired by Bounty, and get mentally whisked away to a summery destination in an instant. In blue, brown, and cream colours, enjoy M&M'S Coconut.

The package is cute and playful, featuring Ms. Green reclining in the sand, leaning against a coconut filled with coconut M&Ms. In the background the Yellow Peanut M&M is falling out of a coconut palm laden with more coconuts.

found these yesterday at my local grocery store. I was surprised to see them so soon. They are ok, but I think that if I really wanted coconut I would rather have something that actually had coconut in it.

i love coconut and chocolate. i heard about the coconut m&ms; but i cannot find them anywhere! if anyone in the twin cities knows where i can get some before their gone, i would greatly appreciate it. thanks!

also, i know this is about the coconut m&ms; but last year i tried the cherry m&ms; and loved those as well. are they gone for good or is there some place we can order these flavors that dont last in regular stores? thanks again!

sorry, i dont blog often and i read most of the above posts but missed the one that said both the coconut and cherry m&ms; will be regular flavors in december. i hope they are right! good night everyone!

I was lucky enough to find these tasty treats in Memphis,TN while I was there on vacation in July. I told everyone about them but have not seen them anywhere since. I wish I had bought more. When will we see them in Massachusetts?????

I LOVE LOVE LOVE these candies! I first found them in Florida and now they are here in Kentucky. My local Wal Mart stopped carrying them, which has me bummed out, but I absolutely love these things and will buy a case next time I see them! I love the coconut flavor without worrying about picking little pieces of coconut out of my teeth! I love these things!

I agree, please bring these back. I thought I might see them out for Easter this year but I have looked everywhere for the coconut M&Ms; and cannot find them. Our Winco used to carry them in the bulk department so we bought them by the pound there. Please consider bringing coconut M&Ms; back to our shelves.

Now you can enjoy your favorite candy with a tropical twist! M&M's coconut candies are a fun take on a timeless classic. Everyone knows and loves the solid milk chocolate of regular M&Ms.The coconut version takes that same delicious taste and adds a touch of paradise with savory coconut flavoring. Take your taste buds on a tasty adventure through paradise with each bite of these amazing M&Ms! Our bulk coconut M&M candy includes multiple 1.5 ounce bags.The individual bags make this treat a convenient choice for parties and events. Give them out as prizes for activities and games or use them to fill Christmas stockings, Easter baskets and more!Kids will love stopping at your house on Halloween when you hand out these coconut candies! You can even order a bulk M&M box to keep at home or the office as a quick snack. Do something different by switching your regular M&Ms for our coconut M&M candies!

Pomai, my friends said in San Francisco Walgreens carry it but not a popular item due to not many people coconut candies. I also interested in that pie called Lava Flow Pie. Is it like Molted Lave Cake which is chocolate? Where did you had it?

So when my package arrived with not one, but two packages of them, I was delighted! The milk chocolate pieces with smooth coconut flavor have become a favorite of mine. I think if you mixed them up with some almonds, they would make the best little snack mix.

I bit in to find an initial taste that was essentially Peanut M&M's, but the flavor quickly turned to coconut. On the first piece, I couldn't notice much different after that, but after I ate a few more, I did notice a hint of Thai spices in the aftertaste. Both the coconut and Thai spices were fairly subtle, so as I finished the rest of the bag, I alternated between noticing and not noticing each of the two extra tastes. Not bad, but I'd definitely vote for the much stronger Jalapeño flavor over this one.

I saw the coconut ones yesterday too - but didn't buy them because I bought the coconut kisses (which I LOVE). I do have the white chocolate ones. I need to come up with some way to use them too! I'm curious what the coconut m&m's are like? Do they have a creamy coconut filling or are they more chewy like the almond joy pieces? I'm not crazy about the almond joy pieces so that's part of the reason I didn't buy...

Lack of bits aside, not all is lost. These are not bad. The coconut flavor is there, and it does taste ok. But it gets completely overpowered by the extra milk chocolate. Remember these are a little bigger than your average M&M. The presentation is there. The candy shells come in white, green, and brown, and they are stamped with white palm trees, tropical flowers, suns, or beach umbrellas. Very cutesy.

I had great expectations, but they were a huge disappointment. The coconut flavor tasted like an additive, instead of real coconut. I was hoping they would be like the mounds candy bars with real coconut, but not so. I love, love the peanut butter M&Ms though.

I loved these, but I also love coconut. I was worried these would end up tasting more like a pina colada than actual coconut (like most so-called coconut products) but these did not disappoint. The coconut flavor is gentle but still strong enough to complement the chocolate. Too bad they are so hard to find here in Nebraska!

Simplify your daily hygiene routine with this premium coconut oil soap. This gentle cleansing formula will flood your body and skin with nutrient-packed vitamins and antioxidants helping you achieve a radiant, healthy glow.

This year, M&M's has released some special-edition flavors that we in the newsroom decided we had to try. So we had a special-edition taste test. Newsroom staff compared four new M&M's flavors: hazelnut spread, English toffee peanut, Mexican jalapeno peanut and Thai coconut peanut.

The Mexican jalapeno peanut flavor was tied for first place with the hazelnut spread flavor, each garnering 31 points. That means that of the M&M's internationally inspired flavors, jalapeno came out on top. After the winners, Thai coconut peanut came second, with 29 points. English toffee peanut came in last place with 27 points, although it was my personal favorite.

I was able to get a sample of all three M&M's Flavor Vote varieties, thanks to Mars Wrigley Confectionary, and while the Mexican Jalapeño Nut and English Toffee Peanut flavors sound very intriguing, I was immediately pulled in by the tropical-inspired packaging of the Thai Coconut Peanut M&M's with its light blue color and image of a coconut drink complete with a twisty straw. If you're also intrigued by this relaxing scene, then I'll let you know that you can definitely expect some coconut flavor when you take a bite.

In fact, when I first tried the light green-colored candy, coconut was one of the very first flavors that I detected, right after I got past the crunchy candy coating and milk chocolate outer layer. Even as someone who isn't the biggest fan of coconut, I enjoyed how the flavor combined with the chocolate and peanut center to give the traditional Peanut M&M's experience a bit of a tropical twist.

All in all, I'd say if you're a big fan of coconut, Thai Coconut Peanut M&M's definitely deliver the flavor, and even if you're not too hype about coconut, the flavor combined with the chocolate and peanut is not so overpowering to take away from the tasty flavor of classic Peanut M&M's.

M&Ms Coconut 160g has been inspired by the delicious Bounty chocolate bar. Each bite size milk chocolate comes coconut flavored and coated in a thin crisp shell. Be mentally whisked away to a summery destination in an instant with their blue, brown, and cream colors. The bag size is perfect for movie or games night, a much-needed treat at work, an after-school reward, road tripping or just because you need a pick me up! M&M Coconut by Mars Confectionery melts in your mouth, not in your hand! 041b061a72


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