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Karen Bespalov
Karen Bespalov

Buy Google Chromecast Ultra

Performance4K video is the biggest advantage the Chromecast Ultra has over the standard 1080p Chromecast, but Google also promises improved performance with "ultra fast load times" (compared with the "fast load times" the Chromecast offers). While load times depend more on network speeds than streaming hardware, the Chromecast Ultra does feel a bit peppier than the standard model. Videos load rapidly, and playback control with a Nexus 6P and Apple iPad Air 2 was instantaneous.

buy google chromecast ultra

Google Chromecast allows you from stream your phone, tablet or laptop in a matter of minutes and setup is easy. All you need to do is plug the device into a TV HDMI port, visit to connect your device to your Wi-Fi network, then open one of the Chromecast compatible apps.

I bought Stadia premier edition 2-3 months ago and played Stadia for like 2 hours total (maybe less) with that. I never really paid attention to the Chromecast ultra that came with it until today. Turns out that the Chromecast Ultra can get really, really hot (like you can literally fry an egg hot or it is so hot that I cannot hold it with my hands) when it has been ON for like 10 minutes. Is that normal? If not, is there Google support dedicated for Stadia?Right now, I unplugged the Chromecast ultra to make sure it doesn't burn into my TV's plastic frame or anything like that. 041b061a72


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