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How to Edit Any Part of a Stereo Audio Track with Elevayta Extra Boy Pro 5.02 25

Elevayta EXTRA BOY PRO is a chromatographic-based plugin that allows you to enhance the audiotechnical or audio production process by means of the focusing and enhancing of the audio waveform, where they either respond to the audio or where they can amplify the audio. The technology is based on the Theory of Harmonic Generation and the Harmonic Compression Technology.

elevayta extra boy pro 5.02 25

Elevayta EXTRA BOY PRO only started in the audio software market in 2010. Its real-time, feature-rich and easy-to-use nature allows for an extremely smooth and comfortable use in any processing environment and it has several unique and remarkable features.

Elevayta EXTRA BOY PRO allows you to focus on the audio processing and not spend too much time on the normalization technique. If there are peaks or dip occurring during the normalization, Elevayta EXTRA BOY PRO makes it easy to remove them and concentrate on the audio processing.

Elevayta EXTRA BOY PRO is a audio processing tool that corrects the normalization process that has been introduced into the audio. In general it allows for better sound quality and dynamics. It is an audio processing tool with several unique features.

Extra Boy is designed primarily for removing vocals from stereo audio files. However, the versatility available may lend itself to other uses as this is no ordinary vocal remover. Extra Boy incorporates two completely different algorithms for vocal removal - choose whichever suits your material best or combine both.

Extract is powerful vocal suppression software that eliminates vocals and their accompanying harmonics by detecting, isolating, and removing them from the program's input soundcard. This means there is no need to select a single-band silence-detection algorithm or masking. A 1-knob VS (vocal suppression) control allows you to easily "punch in" your vocal, to "remove" that vocal, or even to softly "soothe" the vocal onto a competing instrument. The program features a 2-band hp-reduction control, and 8-band hs-reduction control that are suitable for adjusting the absorption or reduction of harmonic sounds from your vocal. A phase shifter is included in the program that allows you to simultaneously dial in the delay and phase of an unwanted harmonic. If you can find a place for two harmonics, Extract will find them. Finally, the program has a standard Talk Box control which allows you to "shape" the input to suit your vocal. If you don't have your own voice, or have a bass guitar playing your parts, then Create Vocal can be used as a second talk box.


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