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Places That Buy Golf Clubs Near Me Fixed

Shop with confidence as we offer a price match guarantee that applies after your purchase. All orders shipping within the US over $99 include Free Shipping and convenient order tracking. With over 40 years in the golf industry and 5 retail locations we have built strong relationship with all the top golf brands. This history provides us exclusive opportunites such as first access and closeout buys allowing us to pass the discount along.

places that buy golf clubs near me

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Please Note: We have done a soft launch of this new Trade-In Site. Our database of clubs grows every day. We specialize in the best quality, modern golf equipment available. If you don't see the clubs you want to sell we apologize.

Our Custom Shop has been featured in numerous major golf publications, and trusted by golfers of all handicaps. We use an intensive, data-driven process to find the exact combination of clubhead, shaft, and specs that will produce the ideal ball flight for you and maximize your performance.

So how much can your old or antique golf clubs fetch at auction? How much can you expect to pay and then sell them on for? What is the difference between common vintage golf clubs and rare vintage golf clubs?

You should know that rare golf clubs only account for about 5% of all vintage golf clubs. When you see antique golf clubs selling for extraordinary prices, you can be sure that they fall into this small group.

If you want to get rare golf clubs valued, your best bet would be a reputable antique appraiser. There are online options you can pursue for this service, or if you live in a populated area, you may be able to find someone local.

When it comes to par 3 golf courses, I have the inside scoop. I ran a course of my own for 7 years, growing golf rounds exponentially each season. During that time, I had the "joy" of aerating greens, organizing golf leagues, repairing equipment and running the clubhouse. My articles include real insights from someone who knows the world of golf.

The 2ndSwing online golf shop is likely the most well-known when it comes to shopping for used golf clubs. If you like to have the option for both new and used equipment and a really fair rating system to see if these clubs are for you, then the 2ndSwing website is a great choice.

If you are a fan of Callaway equipment, than Callaway Pre Owned should be your first stop before purchasing used golf clubs. With the Callaway Pre Owned equipment, you will find that there is an excellent mix of options for anything from a wedge to a new driver.

eBay is not going to be your safest place to buy used golf clubs, but it can be really impressive as far as the number of options and the deals that you can get. Many physical golf retailers will unload their leftover equipment on the eBay website, giving you a big advantage when looking for clubs.

When shopping with eBay, you will also have the ability to find used golf clubs that are custom fit to your needs. Just be very careful buying from someone with no history, you could end up with counterfeit golf clubs.

Rock Bottom Golf has a good selection of both used and new golf equipment for players to check out. The Rock Bottom Golf website offers a 30 day playable guarantee on all used equipment. In addition, they have their own clear pictures of the quality of the clubs you are purchasing.

If you are a bit nervous about purchasing used golf clubs, then finding some near your home may be a better solution. Local golf shops, thrift sales, and even your local Facebook group can all be good locations to purchase used golf clubs near you. These golf clubs can have great quality, but you must know how to inspect them yourself and to ensure that you are getting a good deal.

Used golf clubs can be a great solution for the player that likes to change equipment often. In addition, if you are on a budget, used golf clubs can help save a ton of money. Golf equipment changes so quickly that purchasing a used club in good condition that is just a year or two old will save you quite a bit of money.

Pro Golf Discount has five convenient locations in Western Washington to serve your golf needs. We guarantee the lowest prices on golf equipment, all while providing award winning customer service. If you are looking to get fitted for some new clubs or just need a sleeve of balls, you gotta go to Pro! Be sure to checkout our Rewards Plus Program and earn up to 6% back! Thanks for visiting our website, and we hope to see you in the store soon.

Not sure what needs fixing? Our staff is ready to answer any questions that you may have. Simply tell us the problem or concerns that you are having with your clubs. Our skilled repair specialists will suggest the exact modifications necessary to make your club perform the way that you desire.

Pro Golf Discount proudly offers a discount to those in the military (active duty or retired) of 10% on everything except clubs (including putters) and golf balls at 5%, however some manufacturer exclusions apply. See store for details.

You may even hear a colleague saying that they are considering taking up golf, which might also be a good choice. It takes most of the effort out of selling your golf clubs, so there are definite benefits and potential pitfalls.

Online marketplaces like Craigslist and eBay are great places to sell golf clubs. These are often the first places people will look for used items, so if you can place a detailed and eye-catching ad, you should get potential buyers in no time.

2nd Swing Golf has an excellent trade-in program that makes it incredibly easy to sell golf clubs. The company strives to give golfers the best possible value for their used clubs, even offering higher than market value. All major brands are welcome, as well as high-end and rare clubs.

To sell your golf clubs to 2nd Swing, go to the website and look up the trade value of your clubs. Once this is done, you will receive a reference number which you can use to ship your clubs to 2nd Swing. This will be followed by an inspection of the clubs to determine their condition and actual value, after which 2nd Swing will make you an offer.

Word spreads quickly on the golf course and even faster in the clubhouse. Tell people you have golf clubs for sale or ask if they know anyone interested in buying a pre-loved set of clubs. It may not necessarily give you immediate results, but the word will spread, and you might soon get an offer.

You can always contact any of your local charities to find out if they will accept your golf clubs as donations. Many of them have thrift stores where they sell these goods to make money to support their cause.

Most pawn shop owners will take second-hand golf clubs as long as they are in good condition and are a current model available on the market. Many high-end brands made with higher-quality materials will sell quickly.

The pawn shop will then take the golf clubs and resell them for the actual amount they are worth and make a profit. If you have an expensive club and need a cash offer quickly, the pawn shop is a good idea.

If your golf clubs are free of any major chips, dents, or built-up dirt, you may want to trade them in towards new equipment. Online golf stores are making it easier than ever to trade your equipment in and purchase new equipment.

Facebook marketplace is one of my favorite places to sell golf clubs. Not only can you narrow down the area to ensure you are only selling the club in your local town, but you can also easily list all kinds of details and pictures with your product.

eBay is a great way to get rid of used golf equipment and one of the first places that golfers will look to see what type of equipment is available for sale. eBay has great search functionality, and players can look for custom clubs, specific models, shafts, etc.

If you are thinking about buying golf clubs from a pawn shop, you can actually find some great deals. However, before you head into the pawn shop and start looking, there are some things that you should know.

The online club selection at the PGA Tour Superstore is incredible, with all major brands represented. The in-store offering is great as well (with nearly 50 locations in the United States), with simulators and fitters available to allow you to test clubs in person before buying. You can even purchase golf clubs online and pick them up in the store within hours.

Warranty Coverage: Except as otherwise stated on the product or packaging, Callaway Golf Company warrants its golf clubs, components, and other products purchased from an authorized Callaway Golf retailer or distributor to be free of defects in material and workmanship for two years. Callaway Golf will, without charge to the consumer, repair or replace any product or component or part thereof that is defective or becomes defective during normal use within two years after the date of purchase from an authorized Callaway Golf retailer or distributor. At its option, Callaway Golf may replace the product with a new or refurbished product. Callaway Golf does not warrant its products against damage caused by third parties. This warranty does not cover paint scratches, cosmetic blemishes or other normal wear and tear. Callaway Golf will fix such blemishes and scratches, however, for a fee. To obtain warranty service in the United States on a complete Callaway Golf product, return the product to a Callaway Golf authorized retailer or directly to Callaway Golf. In the case of a Callaway Golf component, you must obtain warranty service through an authorized Callaway Golf retailer of that component. Outside of the United States, all warranty service must be obtained from the distributor or subsidiary in the country in which the club was purchased. To determine the Callaway Golf authorized retailer, distributor or subsidiary nearest you, check our website at or contact Callaway Golf directly. In California call collect 760-931-1771; outside California call toll free 1-800-588-9836. 041b061a72


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