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Karen Bespalov
Karen Bespalov

Ammyy Admin Corporate V31 Download Torrent

Security policies at many organizations do not allow employees to visit questionable sites, download torrents, install chat programs, or use remote access utilities. These measures are there to maintain an acceptable security level, but quite often employees ignore them. The reasons for this are varied but we will not dwell on them here. Suffice it to say that non-compliance with information security policies was found at 94 percent of companies. This calls for a reminder of the consequences of poor "network hygiene."

Ammyy Admin Corporate V31 Download Torrent

Our pilot projects demonstrated that at 44 percent of companies, employees use peer-to-peer networks for data transfer, such as downloading torrents. This places an extra burden on the network and consumes bandwidth. But there's another risk. Malware may be lurking on torrent trackers, posing as various software, movies, and other files. A tempting torrent may lead to a ransomware attack or deliver the malware of professional cybercriminals. For instance, torrents were used to distribute STOP ransomware and the APT37 group weaponized a YouTube video downloader app with the KARAE backdoor and distributed it on torrent websites.

FDM Lite for Windows XP requires less disk space than the regular version by removing things like the torrent client. If a download manager is all you're after, and you need it to run on XP, this is the better choice.


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