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Gustav Yegorov
Gustav Yegorov


Our UAD Vocal Sauce is our warmest and most powerful vocal chain preset that simplifies the power of an entire mixing template into a simple 8-knob user interface that is compatible with all DAWs. UAD Vocal Sauce is made of the best vocal plugins harvested from UAD catalog, but if you only use the stock plugins, you can use the included 2nd preset made of 100% stock UAD plugins only.


Using proper equipment and techniques is the first step to getting vocals that sound professional. These are our three tips for capturing clean recordings that will get you the best results when applying plug-ins while you mix:

Choose the right mic. Large diaphragm condenser mics provide a wider frequency response than dynamic or ribbon mics. They are the preferred choice for recording vocals in an isolated environment.

Apply a graphic EQ such as the Massenburg MDWEQ5 Parametric EQ and add a low pass filter to cut out rumble. Then, experiment with notching out offending frequencies. Cut 200-300 Hz to reduce boom, 500 Hz to reduce boxiness, and 3-4k to eliminate harshness in a vocal.

Pitch correcting vocals has become standard practice in modern music production. Antares Auto-Tune Realtime Advanced will give you accurate, pitch-perfect vocals while mixing, or while you record live using an Apollo audio interface with built-in Realtime UAD Processing.

First set the key to match your song. Then adjust the retune speed until you achieve the desired effect. While some genres call for a fast retune speed, making the effect more obvious, a slower speed will guide your vocal into tune without sounding over-processed.

De-esser plug-ins attenuate sibilance caused by sharp consonants. If your vocal recordings have distracting lisp sounds or general high-end issues, plug-ins such as the Precision De-Esser are the easy fix. They also allow you to add additional top-end to your vocal later in the mix, without sounding harsh.

Reverb can make your vocal sound larger than life. When using plug-ins like Pure Plate Reverb, try adjusting the decay and pre-delay time until your vocal sits naturally with other elements of your song.

Next up is the famed Mäag EQ4. As the name suggests, this is a 4-band, fixed-frequency EQ, with additional Sub and Air bands. The Air band is actually what makes this so special and can be heard on vocals by Madonna and Celine Dion. The Mäag is absolutely a sweetening EQ, fantastic for vocals, and can add a ton of natural presence and character to any voice.

Plate reverb is a go-to on vocals, and you cannot go wrong with the iconic EMT 140. UAD modeled three different 140s housed over at The Plant Studios in Sausalito, California, and put them all into this plugin. For lush plate reverb that sounds incredible on vocals, this is it.


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