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Renat Shiryaev
Renat Shiryaev

Mobile Websites: Strategy Plus Tactics Equal Success

By understanding that no single digital marketing strategy is perfect, you become open to the idea that experimenting with different channels, tactics, and strategies is a critical part of achieving success.

Mobile Websites: Strategy Plus Tactics Equal Success

To see the most success from your marketing efforts, you need to put together a comprehensive plan that incorporates several mobile marketing strategies for small businesses. While your ecommerce site may not need all of these tactics, the right ones can improve your conversion rates.

Link building, keyword research, optimizing copy development and more are all part of a successful SEO program, and as you can tell, these tactics are not one and done; rather, they require ongoing maintenance, attention and analytics, which are best executed with a retainer agreement.Of course project work has its place for initiatives that have a concrete start and end, such as completing a brand strategy, creating a website or producing a marketing brochure. But when it comes to implementing a complete marketing program, including digital, retainer contracts are the way to go.


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