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Renat Shiryaev
Renat Shiryaev

Life Interrupted Dreamtales Comic}

Chapter 2 happens 1 year after the tree incident, and the comic starts with XPapyrus, XAsriel, XFrisk and Cross playing around. Cross kept apologizing to his friend for breaking his arm, despite being told XGaster was faulty. The 2 are, instantly, interrupted by their younger siblings, who wanted to destroy a small town made out of toy houses. Everything soon bursted into an argument, as Cross took the role of the older brother and denied his younger sibling's regards about playing with toys that didn't belong to them. The fight ends with XFrisk getting hit by a toy house on the back of his head. Shortly it's revealed that the small house contained a spider, that was now on XFrisk's head. A chase began with XMuffet, with the discovery that the toys belonged to her, and that she made the town for her spider cousins. XMuffet, still a bit sad, and rather stuck in her ideals, calls for her mom and tells her what happened. Her mom, infuriated, kidnaps the gang and forces them to join her daughter's birthday party. Cross is only shown being plead to use his magic to release everyone, but states that he's too scared and to advice XAsriel about what to do when the prince was asked to give XMuffet a present. After everyone is soon discovered by the royal family, every kid is taken to their parents that await for them in the castle, however XGaster being absent there for both Cross and XPapyrus. He later shows up, completely ignoring him and his brother. After inspecting the king, XGaster orders Cross to help him pick up Asgore with his magic, however denying as discreet as he could. They follow their parental figure and await till he was done with work, falling asleep in the process.

Life Interrupted Dreamtales Comic}

In another comic, Honey is onboard an airplane. Her tranquil flight is interrupted first by Cuban hijackers, then a slew of other armed terrorists squabble for control. In the end, the passengers make it to their destination unharmed as the skyjackers were too busy arguing with each other to take over anything.


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