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Buy Canadian Gold Maple Leaf [WORK]

In 1979, the Canadian Royal Mint created a gold version of their popular Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Coin. As with the silver coin, the Gold Maple Leaf Coin features the Queen on the obverse, while the reverse of these Canadian gold coins depicts the iconic Canadian maple leaf. Each Maple Leaf Gold Coin is legal Canadian tender guaranteed by the government of Canada for its weight and purity.

buy canadian gold maple leaf


Because these official Canadian gold coins are extremely high quality, they are perfect for giving as gifts, or for replacing your dollar savings over time. Their value has consistently stayed high, and their use is undeniable. These coins come in Royal Canadian Mint rolls of 25, or in monster boxes of 500. The 2016 version features the brand new security measures, which include micro-engraved design features behind the iconic maple leaf.

The reverse of all Canadian Maple Leaf coins features the image of the sugar maple leaf. Used on the reverse since the introduction of the gold version in 1979, this image has never changed. The only additions have been security measures, notably radial lines and a microscopic maple leaf privy.

In the 2010s, the Royal Canadian Mint introduced two different security features to the coveted Gold Maple Leaf bullion coins to deter counterfeiters and secure the value of Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coins. In 2013, the mint added a laser-micro-engraved maple leaf to the reverse field of the coins. This textured maple leaf had a numeral in the center denoting the year of issue and it was only visible under magnification. In 2015, radial lines were added to both the obverse and reverse sides of the coin to further enhance the security of the coins.

Another exciting option for investors is the Canadian Gold MapleGram. The Canadian MapleGram is a unique form of Gold Maple Leaf coinage. This particular product lineup comes with a total weight of 25 Grams, but that weight is spread across 25 individual 1 Gram gold coins. Each one of the coins has the traditional Canadian Gold Maple Leaf designs, that of Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse and the iconic sugar maple leaf on the reverse.

The reverse of all Gold Canadian Maple Leaf coins features the image of the iconic maple leaf. This has been the same image on these fine Gold coins since its introduction in 1979. It has been altered to add security measures, notably radial lines and a microscopic maple leaf privy featured in the Bullion DNA program. If you love the heritage, design, and prestige of the Canadian Maple Leaf bullion coins, another product to consider is the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf.

Mint officials introduced an innovative security feature to the coin in 2013. Each Maple Leaf is laser micro-engraved with radial lines and a miniature maple leaf mint mark which contains the coin's year of issue when viewed under magnification.

Maple Leaf (reverse) - The reverse depicts a single Canadian Maple Leaf, the national symbol of Canada. The finely detailed design has a proof-like strike down to the veins and texture of the maple leaf itself.

The design of the Canadian Maple leaf gold coin is what makes it so popular. The obverse of the coin features the profile of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. The reverse of the coin features the Canadian maple leaf. The coin has been minted since 1979, making it one of the longest-serving official bullion coins worldwide.

The Canadian Maple Leaf gold coin has been minted in many different weights from smaller to larger. These smaller weights make the coin more affordable to smaller investors and make it easier for more people to obtain the coins without having to shell out the price for a full ounce of gold. The table below lists the weights available for maple leaf coins, and also includes their corresponding face values:

The value of Canadian Maple Leaf gold coins can vary a bit based on mintage year, condition, and other factors. Older maple leaf coins in excellent condition may be valued higher than similar coins of more recent mintages. While there may be some difference in coin values based on minting year and other factors, the value of Canadian Maple Leaf gold coins is determined almost entirely by their gold content. These are bullion coins, and thus do not typically carry much, if any, collectibility premium.

Canadian Maple leaf gold coins are produced by the Royal Canadian Mint and issued each year by the Government of Canada. They are available for sale to members of any nation, however, and are a favorite among investors in the U.S. and elsewhere.

The reverse of every Gold Maple Leaf coin bears the image of a sugar maple leaf, the official emblem of the nation of Canada. Engravings on this side of the coin include the word Canada across the top, the purity on both sides of the leaf design, and the coins metal content and weight below.

Canadian gold maple leaf coins were first minted in 1979 and have been produced every year since. The production of Canadian gold maple leafs began seven years prior to the debut of American gold eagles, and are recognized the world over as one of the finest gold bullion coins in existence. In fact, the three highest minted modern gold coins are the South African gold krugerrand, the American gold eagle and the Canadian gold maple leaf.

The front of the coin shows a maple leaf which is also depicted on the national flag of Canada. On the back, like on all coins of the Commonwealth, the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II is visible. Since 2013, the 1 ounce version of the Maple Leaf gold coin bears an additional security feature: a small maple leaf with the last two digits of the year of mint. Inscriptions on the coin are written in the two national Canadian languages, English and French.Originally, the Gold Maple Leaf was only available in 1 ounce with a value of 50 Canadian Dollar. Meanwhile, units of 1/20 ounce, 1/10 ounce, 1/4 ounce and 1/2 ounce exist. In addition a special mint of 1/15 ounce was produced in 1994. The fineness of the Maple Leaf gold coin is at 999,9. Since 1988 the coin is available in silver and platinum, since 2005 also in palladium.

Canadian Gold Maples are an appealing option for first-time buyers because the newer coins are harder to counterfeit. In 2013 and 2015, new security features, such as a laser-micro-engraved textured maple leaf, were introduced to combat fakes.

One of the most popular gold coins in the globe today, the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coin has enjoyed immense popularity due to its bullion content and beauty. 1 oz Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coins are the first bullion coins minted by the Royal Canadian Mint. The Canadian Gold Maple leaf is perhaps one of the most prominent gold bullion coins for sale today. The Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coin, second only to the Gold Krugerrand in terms of gold bullion coinage, is prized by investors all over the world for its government-backed purity and weight.

Canadian Gold Maple Leafs are a good investment as they are one of the purest gold coins on the market and they are highly valuable to collectors and investors. The demand for the Canadian Gold Maple Leafs are increasing which shows that the value of the Canadian Gold Maple leaf coin will increase in the nearby future.

As per the dealers, you can determine whether the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coin is real or not by looking at the details present on the coin and the diameter of the coin. The real coin has better detailing than the counterfeit Canadian maple golds and the real Canadian maple gold leaf coins are smaller in diameter in comparison to fake Canadian gold maple leaf coins.

All denominations of the Gold Maple Leaf have the same design, which is also shared by the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf. The obverse has a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II in portrait, as well as the face value and the mint year. The reverse of each coin depicts a large, exquisitely-detailed maple leaf, along with the .9999 gold fineness and the weight.

The reverse of the Gold Maple Leaf features the country (Canada) the gold purity in English and French, and of course, the coin's namesake, a Canadian Maple Leaf. The maple leaf gold coin design was created by Walter Ott and has been used in the series since its inception in 1979.

In 2013, the Mint introduced a new and unique security feature to confirm the authenticity of its Gold Maple Leaf coins. Adapted from the same award-winning security technology applied to Canada's $1 and $2 circulating coins, the Gold Maple Leaf boasts numerous security features. These safeguards include a textured maple leaf that has been micro-engraved with laser technology on a small area of the reverse side (Maple Leaf side) of the coin. In the center of this mark, only visible under magnification is a numeral that indicates the coin's year of issue.

In 2015, maple leaf gold coin production began to include intricate radial lines in the field of the coin, which were precisely machined to ensure reproducibility from die to die and coin to coin. The uniqueness of the line width and pitch gives this coin a characteristic look and creates a light diffracting pattern that is specific to these fine 1 oz. gold coins.

Since its debut, the Gold Maple Leaf series has been minted on an annual basis. With a sugar maple leaf featured on its reverse, an effigy of Queen Elizabeth II is proudly found on the obverse in a most iconic design. While few changes have been made to both the maple leaf and effigy of the Queen throughout the decades-long lifespan of this series, this coin is still considered one of the most innovative. Since 2014 the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf has had extra security measures with their DNA anti-counterfeiting technology, setting the new standard of coin security.

The Canadian gold maple leaf is the official bullion gold coin of Canada and is produced by the Royal Canadian Mint. It is one of the purest gold coins of regular issue in the world, with a gold content of .9999 millesimal.

Every maple leaf coin is guaranteed by the Government of Canada for its weight and purity. As a result, maple leafs are extremely liquid, easily bought and sold anywhere in the world where precious metals are traded. 041b061a72


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