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Thirukkural Kathaigal In Tamil Pdf 104

marvelous great job fan of you sir i required a help from u i was a paper speaking the greatness of tamil society and their contribution to world i wanted to know if i could get some verses related to town planning and grand anicut dam

thirukkural kathaigal in tamil pdf 104

Hello Mr.KannanThanks for this great work.If you could complete the remaining 19 chapters that would be great.I used your website almost everyday to read thirukkural. I have been reading for past 2 years.

Thank you so much. I was in search of English version of Thirukkural. Last time, I bought the tamil book which I could not understand as I am a malayali. Your explanations are wonderful. You are doing a great service for the society, evoking the spiritual aspirants.

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