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Renat Shiryaev
Renat Shiryaev

In The Woods

is thrilled to be back in the woods! As a stage manager, Cody has worked on 14 Broadway shows, most recently serving as the PSM and associate director for Freestyle Love Supreme. Other favorites: Cirque du Soleil, Metropolitan Opera, Carnegie Hall, Kennedy Center, Tony Awards, VMAs and four Live! musicals for NBC. Cody is adjunct faculty at Columbia. He was named a 2020 OUT100 honoree and to the Kennedy Center Next 50 list. CRR Scholarship founder.

In the Woods

is thrilled to continue journeying into the woods. Previously: Into the Woods at New York City Center Encores! and Broadway (Associate Director). Inaugural director of Trenton Youth Theater, a co-curricular theater program for high school students. Proud Lilly Award recipient. All my love to Mom, Dad, Tita, and Nathan. @victoriadavidjohn.

Info: Knight in his own tent, in his site in the woods. This is one of the only known photos of Knight actually in his site, taken by the police at dawn after he was arrested and Knight lead Sgt. Terry Hughes and State Trooper Diane Vance to his hidden camp. Taken by the police on April 4, 2013.

The Forest Preserves of Cook County are your answer to getting active. Whether you are a fitness enthusiast or just want to take an occasional hike through the woods, there are plenty of active outdoor recreation opportunities available.

Tucked between the Connecticut River and the White Mountains in northwest New Hampshire, this 260-acre sanctuary is a trove of biodiversity wrapped in the enchantment of a secret garden. Explore groves of beech, birch, and maple; rich sugar maple woods at the base of steep ledges; dense stands of balsam fir and red spruce; swamps of red maple and black ash; and meadows and shrub lands. 041b061a72


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