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Quarteroni Sacco Saleri Matematica Numerica.pdf

Matematica Numerica: A Textbook by Quarteroni, Sacco and Saleri

Matematica Numerica is a textbook on numerical mathematics written by Alfio Quarteroni, Riccardo Sacco, Fausto Saleri and Paola Gervasio. It was first published in Italian in 2014 by Springer, and later translated into English as Numerical Mathematics in 2007. The book covers the main topics of numerical analysis, such as linear algebra, nonlinear equations, interpolation, integration, differential equations and transforms. It also provides MATLAB codes for implementing and testing the algorithms presented in the book.

The book is aimed at students in engineering, mathematics, physics and computer science, as well as practitioners who need to use numerical methods for solving scientific problems. The book is divided into three parts: the first part introduces the foundations of matrix analysis and numerical mathematics; the second part deals with numerical linear algebra and function approximation; the third part focuses on numerical solution of ordinary and partial differential equations. Each chapter contains exercises and solved examples, as well as supplementary material available online.

Quarteroni Sacco Saleri Matematica Numerica.pdf

The book is praised for its clarity, rigor and pedagogical approach. It offers a comprehensive and modern treatment of numerical mathematics, with a balance between theory and practice. It also illustrates the connections between numerical methods and various applications in science and engineering. The book is suitable for both undergraduate and graduate courses, as well as for self-study and reference.


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  • Quarteroni A., Sacco R., Saleri F. (2007) Numerical Mathematics. Springer, Berlin. [Link]

  • CERN (n.d.) Numerical Mathematics - CERN. [Link]


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