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Recipe For Vanilla Cake.7z

If you a fan of Tres Leches Cake this flavour is the best one yet. Few months ago, I had some milk from Rasmalai (Indian dessert) left over and a small piece of vanilla cake left over too, so I warmed the milk and threw it over the cake and it was delicious. I thought these flavours would make a perfect Tres Leches Cake. ?

Recipe for vanilla cake.7z

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Good DayI love this cake , I made the English version of the Tres Leches Cake( three milk cake) for my daughter boy friend when he broke fast last year . It was a real hit . I topped with fresh cream and berries .Great recipe will try this out again .

So the big day arrived and it was time to assemble the cake. I made the peanut butter and buttercream frostings, split the layers, iced them, covered them in white fondant, and stacked them. (Oh, if it was only as easy to do as it is to write about doing it!) I rolled out a thin snake of fondant for the edges between the two tiers and between the bottom tier and the silver cake board. I used vanilla extract to attach them. I used a lot of vanilla to really REALLY attach the top edge because it served to secure the tiers together. I stuck the free-standing stars around the cake. I rolled out the rest of the fondant, cut out some stars and added them to the cake with the vanilla extract as my glue. This was a very easy cake to make and I think all the colors make for a great cake for a child. And the chocolate cake/peanut butter icing combo makes it great for an adult! 041b061a72


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