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Tyrese Ft Snoop Dogg-Just A Baby Boy

[Mr Tan]I gotta baby up the streetanother baby mama around the cornerone I just screwand the other I make love tobut I'm in and out foolI can't stay with one bitch I gotta keep it pimpinBut now some drama and I ain't wit itThe nigga that used to knock my song momma up just got outAnd mom's threw a nigga out for bangin on his spouseAnd that nigga, now he up in baby's houseWhat I'm gon do, should I set it offAnd play myself like a fool, I'ma keep it coolAnd see how long this shit gon lastI scooped up my son he tried to play my wit a ghetto passI ain't havin' that, grab my strapI got to do somethingFresh out but a nigga got to do somethingAnd I'm a baby boy with nothing to loseBig snoop check it, I'ma lay him downGod dang it y'all please believe mea baby boy, baby boyI'm a baby boy gangsta

Tyrese ft Snoop Dogg-Just a Baby Boy



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