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Mech X4 Season 2 Episodesl

The first season will debut in two episodes simulcast Saturday, November 12 at 8 PM EDT, on Disney Channel and Disney XD. Beginning Friday, October 28, a preview episode debuts on multiple digital platforms. Production for the second season of MECH-X4 begins this month.

Mech X4 Season 2 Episodesl

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MECH-X4 is a Disney XD live action comedy/sci-fi/adventure series that premiered on November 11, 2016. It's about typical teen Ryan Walker (Nathaniel Potvin), a freshman at Bay City High who discovers he has the power of technopathy - the ability to control and manipulate electronics with his mind. His talent mysteriously awakens MECH-X4, a giant 150-foot robot built by an elusive genius-in-hiding to defend their town against impending doom. Using his powers to act as the robot's pilot, Ryan recruits his two best friends, Harris (Kamran Lucas) and Spyder (Pearce Joza), to man the robot's high tech weapons and defense systems, and his older brother Mark (Raymond Cham) to act as the mechanic. When giant hybrid monsters suddenly begin to descend upon their city, the four must quickly learn to work as a team in order to pilot the robot that is their only hope of saving their town, and ultimately the world, from mass destruction.

The series premiered on November 11, 2016, with the second half of the first season premiering on April 17th, 2017.note Unusually, the series took a mid-season break in December 2016, a month after the series premiered. The second half of the season premiered over a two week period, airing from April 17-April 20 and April 24-27, with the two part finale airing on May 1st. The series was already renewed for a second season on September 2nd, 2016, which finished filming in March 2017 and premiered the first five episodes on September 9th, 2017. While MECH-X4 is a Disney XD original series, the first half of the first season premiered on Disney Channel with both networks airing reruns. The second half of the season eventually aired on Disney Channel each Saturday between May 13th-July 22nd.

You can watch the first episode for free on Disney XD's YouTube channel. Disney XD's YouTube channel also has episodes of Unlocking the MECH, a motion comic series set between season one and two that also serves as promotion for the first run of the MECH-X4 toyline. Episode one can be found here and watch out for season one spoilers! Episodes are also available to watch on the Disney Channel site and the Disney XD site, though watching past episode one requires a cable/satellite provider login. Episodes are also available to purchase on Amazon, Google Play and iTunes.

Mech-X4 premiered in November 2016 on Disney Channel. Moving premieres to Disney XD, where the show was originally set-up, after the first six episodes, the live-action big robot comedy/drama series ran for two seasons and 37 total episodes.

A new season may be added only after the completion of the previous season, and after the new season has been announced. Once you create a new season you'll have 4 hours to add the first episode, or the season may be automatically removed.


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