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Where To Buy Shout Wipes

I know a lot of people love Shout Wipes, including my Mom who is a huge advocate of this portable stain remover.If she's told me once she's told me a hundred times I should carry these little towelettes around with me for spot emergencies, and even went so far as to give me some.Therefore, when my son dipped his shirt sleeve in spaghetti sauce while eating (how do kids always seem to do that?) I thought I had the perfect opportunity to document how these little wipes work in action.Unfortunately, at least for me, the results were less than stellar.Almost as soon as it happened I jumped up from the dinner table and had him change shirts, so I could test the product just like you would in real life. I didn't have him wear it though while I tried to remove the stain -- he was still shoveling in spaghetti after all. :)As you can see from my collage of pictures of before, during and after, the product got out some of the spot, but not all of it. I had basically exhausted all of the "liquid" within the wipe which was sucked up by the thick t-shirt it seemed, and gave up.So I just sprayed a laundry pretreater on it, and threw it in the laundry basket for later washing and called it a day. If I'd been out and about I couldn't have done this step until I got home, and he would have walked around with a big wet spot on his sleeve from the wipe!Overall, this test didn't give me a great impression of these wipes. Now, my Mom insists that the problem was that my son had so much sauce on his sleeve, and truthfully he did have quite a mess all over, so maybe it was just too much for a spot treater like this.Plus, I wonder how this product would do on other fabrics that aren't thick cotton, which is what this t-shirt was made of? Perhaps another fabric or weave may have been more amenable to the treatment.I haven't quite given up on this product yet because my Mom is so adamant about how much she loves them, but I haven't seen much of an advantage to it versus the Tide To Go pen yet either.I would love to hear from even more people who've used this product. I know there are people that swear by them. I'd love to hear what fabrics and types of stains it has worked for you to remove, and any tips and tricks you use to make the wipes work well for you.You can share your laundry pre treater reviews here or read others that have already been submitted, both for this and lots of other brands.

where to buy shout wipes

In Lab tests, it completely removed 14 of the 20 stains we test, including crayon, ink, wine and grass stains. Especially helpful for homes with infants where vomit and other common baby stains can happen daily, the Ultra Gel Brush can be left on fabric for up to a week before washing. Our experts also appreciated its clear and concise instructions.

For fresh stains that happen while you're away from home, like scuff marks on your white sneakers and ketchup splatters from cafeteria fries, stain-removing wipes are a great option. Shout Wipe & Go Instant Stain Remover wipes are convenient and easy to use and store.

These textured wipes lift stains from multiple surfaces including car interiors, carpet, and clothes! Most effective when used to treat the stained area as soon as possible. Wipes are safe for use on all fabric that is washable and dry cleanable. Each individually wrapped wipe is portable so you can use them to remove on-the-go stains right away.

Road-trip and backpacking veterans know just how much better a shower can make an adventure after three days and a lot of smelly clothes. When taking a shower is not an option, or even if you just want to tidy up a bit after a long drive, body wipes can provide some much-needed relief.

The wipes come in a resealable package, which helps keep them fresher for longer. You can find them in two sizes, XL (8 by 12 inches, in a pack of eight) and Compact (6 by 8 inches, in a pack of 12). On our trip, we preferred the XL wipes for their extra coverage and longer cleaning power. The fully compostable Wilderness Wipes were among the most lightly scented ones we tested, and the lack of alcohol left our skin feeling clean and moist.

In our tests, the Shout wipes easily outperformed the popular Tide to Go pen, and the Shout option was the only stain remover that erased almost all traces of lipstick on the collar of a shirt. These wipes also did pretty well on the ketchup I spilled.

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