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1590s, "move round rapidly" (intransitive), of uncertain origin, possibly connected with Old English þwirl "a stirrer, handle of a churn," and Old Norse þvara "pot-sticker, stirrer." Or on another guess a blend of twist and whirl. Transitive sense, "cause to revolve rapidly," is from 1620s. Related: Twirled; twirling.


The Twirl Skort is every active girlie's best friend. Made in the softest ButterSmooth fabric with pockets, built-in shorts, no front seam for a comfy anti-cameltoe fit, a flat waist-band that won't pinch you, and the most luxurious circle skirt for twirling and booty shakin', it's more than just a cute exercise skirt - it's a wardrobe staple that will bring pure joy to your workout.

I am not exagerating when I say this is the most comfortable thing I have ever worn. I am really sensitive to things pressing on my stomach so the waistband without tight elastic is a game changer. The fabric is super soft and the circle skirt is so twirly and fun. I feel so confident in it! Shipping to england was a little bit pricey but honestly worth it and it didnt take too long to arrive. It will not be putting me off buying another one of these in a different colour, and maybe a pirouette skort as well.

Tennis legend Billie Jean King, a 12-time grand slam champion, tweeted, \"The Australian Open interviewer asking the women to 'twirl' on court is out of line. This is truly sexist. If you ask the women you have to ask the guys to twirl as well. Let's focus on competition and accomplishments of both genders and not our looks.'\"

You make excellent chocolate. I recently tried the pretzel toffee twirl for the first time, and I was BLOWN AWAY. I am a chocolate connoisseur since birth (well, not really), and I regard your chocolate as one of the top five best I've ever had. My new dream job: chocolate taster for you! Keep up the good work!

Amount: Sets the radius of the twirl. Larger values affect more of the image. Values range from 0 (none of the image is affected) to 1.00 (largest amount of the image is affected). You can also drag the outer circle of the onscreen controls in the canvas.

Nothing makes you feel more like a princess than a dress that twirls when you do. Our adventure and princess twirl dresses are specifically designed to flair out in a perfect circle when your little one twirls. There's no better feeling than when your dress dances when you dance. Your little ones will want to dance all day in our wonderfully soft, totally washable, and oh-so-cute twirl dresses that mimic their favorite characters. Browse our collection below.

When you click or drag an area in your image with the Twirl tool, it rotates the areas inside the brush around in a circle, creating a twirl. You can use Twirl to add a wavy look to an image, create twirls, or other artistic effects. 041b061a72


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