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SharetwitterfacebookUnderstanding? (Score:3)by Uruk ( 4907 ) writes: on Thursday July 06, 2000 @03:47AM (#954022) Doesn't understanding Script Kiddies imply that they do what they do with some logical, understandable purpose? SharetwitterfacebookNo control (Score:2)by Darkstorm ( 6880 ) writes: Why are there so many young kids being so destructive? I remember when the "big" hackers of the 80's were quite polite with thier abuse of other computers. But why are these kids so violent? My opinion is that thier parents never taught them respect or to value anything. I don't think they even concider the effect their DOS attacks can cause to other people besides just the one they are attacking. An attack on a web site that is being hosted with others effects all the sites hosted there. What I'd like to know is why the programmers creating these scripts don't keep them to themselves...One solution (Score:2)by Chops ( 168851 ) writes: This page [] suggests a solution to the insecurity of software that I almost agree with -- basically, that anyone with the know-how should be spending their time writing viruses and exploits for the woefully insecure OSs we are blessed to work with today, until OSs HAVE to be secure to stand up to the sea of malfeasance that comes in through their net connections. My recommendation is a loop of snide but informative walls...Re:The problem: root (Score:2)by Animats ( 122034 ) writes: However Unix has far too many programs that are setuid root for no reason. The small job needed (like checking a password) should be put in little programs that are easily confirmed as not having a hole. Exactly. For example, the only part of mail handling that needs anything unusual in file system access is the final step of appending the mail to a local user's mailbox. That should be handled by a privileged program about 100 lines long, and nothing else in mail handling should have extra privileges. If Sendmail had been built that way, hundreds of thousands of break-ins would have been prevented.

http have fun password

By cracking a system that's got special access privileges, or passwords and the like stored on it, they gain access to things they wouldn't otherwise have had. It's as if your hypothetical burglars broke in, found an unsecured firearm, and went out and shot someone with it.


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