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Should I Buy A New Truck Or Not

Buying a new truck means you will get the latest and greatest technology. Chances are a new truck will get better gas mileage and have software that is compatible with the latest smartphones. Safety features will often be more advanced as well, so you can rest assured your family will be safe in your new vehicle.

should i buy a new truck or not

One of the biggest advantages of buying a used car is that you do not have to worry about losing a substantial amount of money. A used truck does not lose value when you drive off the lot like a new truck will. This combined with a lower sticker price make used trucks more affordable. There is a good chance you could leave the lot with a used truck and zero debt. Another great advantage is that your insurance on a used truck will most likely be lower than a new truck.

If you are looking for a new or used pickup truck in Kentucky, come visit Auto Brokers of Paintsville at 10 McCarty Branch Rd., Hagerhill, KY 41222. We have over one hundred different trucks to choose from at any given time. If you are looking for a specific make or model, chances are we have it!

When most people buy a truck, the primary purpose of the vehicle is for work. For this reason, potential buyers are usually interested in features like towing capacity and maximum weight as their primary selling points. Pickup trucks are ideal for oversized loads, as they offer the best overall capacity of any commercial vehicle type.

Since they are large, utilitarian vehicles, it makes sense that trucks consume a lot of gasoline. While certain truck models can offer up to 25 MPG or so on the highway, that level of economy dramatically declines as the size and capabilities of your truck increase. All in all, most trucks are not exactly vehicles that are known for their excellent fuel economy.

Most standard pickup trucks can only fit two or three passengers in the cabin, and accommodating three requires the use of the middle bench seat, which can be awkward. Furthermore, this front-seat-only arrangement makes it unsuitable if you need to transport young children.

Pickup trucks tend to be wider than most passenger vehicles, and as a result, have a relatively narrow turning radius. They can be tough to maneuver in tight spots or to fit into narrow parking spaces. Maneuverability is particularly challenging when driving a truck with a dual rear axle.

In a basic sense, pickup trucks are mostly for work, while SUVs are more for recreation. But you can make a great argument that they may be the better family vehicle of the two. Though they lack the overall power and towing capacity of a large pickup truck, they can still be used for transporting goods if needed and can even be used for towing.

While a large truck with a crew cab can seat five, that is about the lowest seating capacity you would see for an SUV. Compact SUVs, for example, may only offer seating for five. But most SUVs can seat at least seven or eight people. Carpool, anyone?

Though many trucks and SUVs have a similar rating for miles per gallon in the city, SUVs tend to get much better highway mileage on average. So unless you do most of your driving in parking lots, an SUV will almost invariably get superior fuel economy to a truck.

The decision around which type of vehicle you should buy lies in the needs of the potential buyer. The pros and cons listed above should provide a solid comparison and contrast to the benefits of both trucks and SUVs. At the end of the day, which features matter most to your everyday driving needs? If towing capacity and power are your primary needs, you may be inclined to purchase a truck. If increased seating capacity and fuel economy are what you need most, perhaps an SUV is your best choice.

Coming to the final decision may be a bit multi-faceted, but these basic pros and cons should give you the general information you need to begin narrowing down your choices and deciding which is best suited for you.

Waiting until 2022 or even deeper into 2022 might benefit potential buyers. There are a few reasons to wait on buying any vehicle, and some are specific to trucks. Here are five important reasons you should wait until 2022 to buy a new pickup truck.

Almost every one of the new trucks is worth waiting for. Additionally, more non-conventional options are coming for those who wish to stand out on the road. New and seasoned pickup truck owners might be interested in ones without the traditional truck aesthetic. Examples include the GMC Hummer EV and Tesla Cybertruck.

According to our previous report, dealers raising new car prices cause banks to value the same vehicles at 110% or more over their retail value. Consequently, those without excellent credit will struggle to get a loan. Not to mention, the inflated value of the pickup truck, or another car, will result in a high-interest rate. Pretty much any way you twist it, taking out a car loan seems like a bad idea right now.

To really know the full extent of how big of a deal this is for me to not want to buy a truck, there are a couple things you need to know about me; I grew up in the country and I love the outdoors and country music.

Once I started learning about just how expensive it actually was to own a truck as well as the FIRE lifestyle, I soon realized that purchasing a new vehicle, let alone to buy a truck, is probably one of the worst ideas for my wife and I.

To be frugal means to only spend money on the things that you deem worthy of exchanging your time for. Sure, I could buy a new truck, but it would mean I have to trade more of my time for money in order to afford it.

You can find dependable, low-cost trucks if you look hard enough. This weekend, my wife and I found a 2011 Traverse. We could trade in her current vehicle, which is a paid off RAV4, and upgrade for about $2k out of pocket.

I would like to have a new truck, problem is they have too many features that I do not want, GM with dynamic fuel management that destroys your engine when it fails, and now Ford and GM with the Stop / Start feature, a feature that I will not have on a vehicle. No one just builds a decent reliable simple truck. These new vehicles are JUNK, I repeat, JUNK. How do I know this?, because I am the guy who has to work on this crap every day.

Ask yourself, if a company intentionally violates the law by ignoring the National Do Not Call Registry, is it really a company with which you want to do business? The answer should be a decisive no. As we mentioned earlier, checking a company out with the Better Business Bureau or the local consumer advocacy organization where they are located can keep you from losing thousands of dollars.

Patterson Truck Stop has a huge inventory of used trucks for sale with varying trim levels and added features to help you find the perfect ride. From Chevy, Ram, GMC, Nissan, Toyota, and Ford trucks, we have it all.

Unfortunately, there isn't a typo to be corrected. A Mercedes-Benz spokesman confirmed to Business Insider that the company has no plans to bring the X-Class to the US. Thus far, the company has not given a full explanation as to why the US of A won't see the truck.

Even though automakers have sold more than 1.3 million pickups in the US this year, 1.12 million of them have been full-size trucks like the Ford F-150 and the Chevrolet Silverado. The X-Class, on the other hand, is a mid-size truck and that market is much smaller.

For Mercedes, the profitability of bringing an all-new truck into the market is questionable. Through June, consumers have purchased only 216,000 mid-size pickups in the US with annual growth at roughly 2.4%. The full-size segment is growing at 4.8% annually.

Unless Mercedes is willing to sell the X-Class in the US as a purely utilitarian work truck alongside the Metris and Sprinter commercial vans, anything less than $40,000 for a mid-size product doesn't coalesce with the brand's premium pricing strategy. For comparison, the cheapest Mercedes-Benz crossover is the GLA at $33,400 while the mid-size GLE starts at $52,200.

Finally, there's the matter of the mechanics of the truck itself. Even though it's badged as a Mercedes-Benz, the X-Class is actually built on a Renault-Nissan platform at Renault-Nissan plants in Spain and Argentina.

According to Automobile, the X-Class sits on the same platform that underpins Nissan's NP300 Navarra mid-size pickup. However, the NP300 Navarra isn't available in the US. (We're waiting to hear back from Nissan as to why.) Instead, Nissan is still selling the 13-year-old previous-generation version of the truck as the Frontier.

So, there you have it. The Mercedes-Benz X-Class isn't coming to America. Even though, on the surface, it makes for a tantalizing option, the economics and the branding challenges associated with bringing the truck to the US simply doesn't make sense right now.

It's not uncommon for business owners to make big purchases before year-end to get the tax write-off. This couldn't be more true when it comes to buying a car, truck, RV or van for your business. However, making that big purchase isn't always the best long-term tax decision, not to mention the wisest economic decision. Both are critical issues that I will explore below.

Essentially, there are two main options to write off auto expenses: mileage or actual. The mileage method is quite obvious, but the definition of "actual expenses" can get a little complicated. In fact, the actual method can encompass leasing a vehicle, as well fuel, insurance, repairs, maintenance and even depreciation. But before we get into the strategy of strolling into the auto dealership on Dec. 31 to buy that new car or truck, let's get down the basics.

At first glance, business owners often think that the actual method is a big write-off because they see all of these expenses going out the door with the car payment; however, the car payment amount is irrelevant in the analysis. Thus, you have to bank on the depreciation deduction to make this strategy really pay off, which is drastically limited with cars but can pay off big time with trucks, SUVs, vans and RVs (see below). 041b061a72


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